Airport Security: The Lies Exposed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hobo-Ken, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. I'm a regular - frequent - business traveller, visiting EU countries, North America, and grotty parts of the, er "developing" world on a regular basis. Like everybody else, I trudge dutifully through tiresome security processes at airports all over the world.

    But here's the difference: unlike most others, I simply cannot be arrsed to put my shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, contact lens solution etc etc into a diddy little plastic bag (<100 ml, of course) and take it out of my hand baggage for separate scanning. So it stays in the bottom of my daysack where it belongs.

    I have taken many,many, flights since Aug 2006 since all this began when some nasty people were going to blow us all out of the sky using explosive shaving foam. Or something.

    Only one ONE occasion have I ever been caught out (congrats Birmingham!) - and maybe a litre bottle of coke was pushing it a touch. Nor have they EVER found my penknife that always goes in my hand baggage too.

    So here's my conclusion: none of this airport security nonsense works,. It's all a pack of lies, designed by Government to intimidate you, control you, and create a false illusion of safety. But it doesn't work. Are you any safer for any of this? Absolutely not.

    Has anybody else noticed this or am I a lone prophet in this desert of sheep-like insanity?
  2. Maybe the Taliban should start recruiting middle aged white business men?
  3. Yes we have. No you are not.

    Security Theatre
  4. I have never failed to get at least two weapons on board an aircraft. The only practical measures which really work are the armed El Al skymarshals (at least one hijack defeated and at least one bombing deterred) and the Lauber Handling El Al pre-flight luggage searches, which have detected one live bomb (the dim-bulb Irish girl with the oh-so faithful Jordanian boyfriend).

    Most other stuff is a waste of time.
  5. Sshhhh. It's a bleedin' secret innit! You've probably got my mate the sack now. Where else is he gonna earn £3.25 per hour? :)
  6. I got a thunderflash back from exercise crusader,didn,t hand it in and left it in my webbing for a 6 month UN tour in Cyprus...flew out there,never used it and brought it home again.....let it off in the woods for my security back then,not to mention the 2 smoke bombs i had....from same exercise.....the old boy in the woods with his Jack Russell was surprised!
  7. Not sure what the "premium traveller" bit has to do with it? And are you telling me I can't discuss this sort of thing on t'interweb?
  8. Interesting, as I have been picked up for a pack of issue green and red batteries, apparently they resembled rounds. I have also been picked up on fluids, a zippo lighter concealed in a metal thermos and a metal pot full of food.

    Maybe I just look like a terrorist.

    That said I have inadvertantly got things through too.
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    Do stop talking shite.
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    More than you, obviously.
  12. I used to have a 12" surgical steel plate in my leg - back in 2003 i queued up, along with everyone else, for 40mins at manchester airport to go thru a metal detector, which did not detect said plate! Normally it did set off metal detectors & i carried a photo of x-ray with me to save me dropping my pants everytime. The metal detector was not working/was not switched on.

    Airport security - joke.

    Way to remain safe? Find out why they want to blow us out of the sky and resolve it - talk & compromise with our enemies (it stopped the IRA blowing us up... generally).
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Want to remain safe?

    1) Provide secure doors on the cockpit - check

    2) Make passengers realise that fighting back is what they need to do - check

    Almost everything else is security theatre.

  14. At LAST! Someone who understands the difference. I have long felt that it is unlikely that there will ever be another successful hijack. Everyone involved thinks that they will all be on their way to the nearest tall building, so everyone will now fight to the death.

    Every man on board with his family will take a last look at his wife and kids and then kill anyone who gets in their way.
  15. I've carried larger quantities of liquid on board, when the guy scanning the bags asked if I had liquids I told him no and he let me on my way. It was CDG though...