Airport hand baggage rules.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Just recently flew to Ireland with Mrs_Mad and Baby.

    Whilst at Stansted, They made up throw away all the sealed baby milk in cartons because it was over 100ml.

    Once we got through security minus half of the babys food, I couldn't beleive it. Boots on the air-side were selling exactly what we was made to throw away!!!!!. :x

    These security rules are pathetic!.
  2. Exactly the same with lighters and bottled water. They take them off you and then charge you inflated prices once through security. What a rip off :cry:
  3. Utter bollox isn't it. A mate of mine was telling a yarn about some jumped up tít of an airport security guard satisfying himself that his blue asthma inhaler was safe! I can just imagine some terrorist knocking a plane out of the sky with a lethal dose of solbutomal.
  4. recently flew with kids from Beauvais France to Prestwick, minimal security, scarcely glanced at hand luggage

    return flight we got several items confiscated by security, all drinks, my expensive makeup, vaseline, other toiletries, and I had to argue to keep the medicines (was asked to provide receipt but in France you have to hand it in to claim reimbursement)

    was furious, and to make it worse there was an email from Ryanair when I got home saying we could now take such items on board

    why oh why did they not email me about the restrictions before flying, and make it clear at check in

    ok rant over :x
  5. The daftest part is that it's a different rule coming back into the UK. Foreign airports let you bring in whatever you like.
  6. Ive e-mailed BAA and look forward to a pathetic reply!.
  7. I flew back to UK from Guyana via Trinidad and Barbados just after the emergency had been declared. I was sensible enough to carry no hand luggage and at Cheddi Jagan International Airport [formerly Timheri], Guyana I was searched. [The only white man in the hall, I caused great mirth when I loudly declared, "You are only searching me because I'm white!"].

    Trinidad was very efficient with T&T Police searching all passengers and no hand baggage was allowed in the cabin.

    On reaching Barbados all those boarding were carrying normal hand baggage, drinks etc - which made all the previous effort immediately obsolete.

    [I also had a woman sit next to me and turn her iPod up. When I asked her to lower the volume the response I received was, "Go fúck yourself!"
    Imagine the look on her face when I asked her if she had ever considered what the bass response would be with her iPod stuck up her arrse! She turned it down - and moved her seat which was even better. In Immigration she stood there scowling at me.
    How I laughed when they pulled her out of the UK Residents queue and stuck her in the non-European channel
  8. Two years ago at Dubai International, I saw a woman stopped by security because she had a dagger in her hand luggage. She gave them absolute hell for not allowing her on the flight with it.

    Saw an English guy have his sword confiscated checking in at Krakow.

    And a kid at Belfast Int had his plastic AK whipped off him checking in for a flight to Bristol. I think it's still in the security trophy bucket.
  9. That's why you're not permitted to take Vaseline past the checkpoint.
  10. Over here a kid brought his GI Joe action figure to the airport. Joe was packing a little tiny plastic M16. They grabbed the doll's gun. Can't be too careful where the public safety is at stake.
  11. If you'd seen the state of her 'Not_Whistlin_Dixie' you'd assume that Vaseline - or any other lubricant - would not have been needed. She was rank!
  12. Lol. Would they confiscate a ski mask if you had one in your hand luggage? Not as though you could kill anyone with a woolen mask, but you could frighten the sh@te out of rows 15 to 35 if you came out of the toilet sporting one?
  13. Makes me laugh that they even confiscate shoite off us crew.

    I mean FFS taking tweezers off cabin crew when we have ice tongs on board, surely they are just giant tweezers??????

    The flight deck get it aswel, captain i flew with recently took a fork in his bag to eat his packed lunch, when it was confiscated he gently reminded them that a) In the cockpit there is a huge axe for removing panels if there is a fire and b) he is flying the plane, if he wants to crash it he bloody well can.

    many more of these stooooooopid yellow jacket syndrome stories but i wont bore you with them.

    Happy flying boys and gals

    P.S Your emegency exits are here > here < here > and here < ;)
  14. Well among the various odd things that are banned are nail clippers. Me and my mates have spent many a jolly wait at airport security trying to figger out how to make nail clippers into a weapon. Any suggestions?