Airport Car Parking - Heathrow Terminal 3

Discussion in 'Travel' started by BOSBOASUTM, May 19, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations for car parking at Heathrow T3?
    Most review sites involve handing keys over to a stranger, then your car coming back damaged and dirty.
    Positive and negative information gratefully received, Thanks.
  2. I don't know about Heathrow but my experience of Park, Meet and Greet at Manchester has always been positive. Of course you can never guarantee anything but I found the service good. Bear in mind that bad news is good news and 1000s of satisfied customers rarely bother commenting on it.
  3. Depends how long for?

    If I go anywhere for a long weekend, I tend to use one of the more reputable, but admittedly more expensiv, sites (eg Pink Elephant).

    Anywhere longer than that, you pays your money and takes your chance. I've used a couple of off-airport sites in the past and not had a problem but I know some peeps that have had probs in the same places.

    My advice? Offer to pay a mate to take you to the airport and pay his petrol money. It'll be easier, safer and probably a damn sight cheaper.
  4. If you are still serving, you can park at Hounslow Barracks for one pound per day (for the ABF). Give the guardroom a call in order to check that it is ok - I think that its the Worcester & Sherwood Forresters there at present.

    You can then get a cab for approx 10-15 quid or walk around the block to Hounslow West tube station.
  5. Cheers for that info will save a fair bit in future :D
  6. A late reply but still may help anyone else in the future

    Speak to anyone you know who works at RAF Uxbridge - 10 mins from Heathrow.