Airport bomb hoax joker arrested - Yup a squaddie

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Saw this on the BBC. The antics of hte boys never cease to amaze. I am such his TC will have fun on Monday morning. :wink:

A soldier has been arrested at Manchester Airport after joking he had a bomb in his bag.
The 20-year-old soldier from Newark, Notts, was on his way back to barracks in Germany when he made the remark.

Police were called as he checked in an oversized bag at Terminal Three early on Saturday morning. He was questioned at the airport.

The soldier, who is thought to have missed his British Airways flight, was released on police bail until 21 July.

A spokeswoman for British Airways confirmed that the soldier had been booked on flight BA1682 from Manchester to Dusseldorf, but refused to give any further details.

She said: "We advise members of the public not to make comments like that because we do take these matters very seriously."

An airport spokeswoman said: "We take these sort of things very seriously and are pleased with the way it was handled."
Oh and i forgot to add another that happen a whiloe ago. Soldier goes hokme on leave in uniform. gets an internal flight to his home town - BELFAST, and as he is walking out of the airport, GOC walks in and knicks him. Again, I bet the TC had fun 8O
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