Airmobile/Helicopter course/kit

Does anyone know where I would find the dates for a Helicopter Handling Instructor Course (also where is it held? I last heard it was two weeks. Is it in that red course book?)

Also I understand that the Rigger Marshaller/Landing Point Commander quals need to be revalidated each year, is that still the case. Does any TA unit in the North of England still hold the kit (I believe 269 Battery used to hold it and they had all the pams).

Lastly my Sqn seems to have made keen on these courses, does anyone know if a LDV Cargo can be airlifted :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



All SH quals need to be revalidated each year. RM/LPC by HHI, HHI by HHI (specialist) ie MAOT or JATEU. HHI course is held at JATEU at Brize, and you will need to be in date LPC SNCO/Officer to attend.

Course is Air Publication tastic, with a fair amout of rigging, and some live flying. Not a bad course, but consider how often you will use it vs the requirements for currency.

The_Duke said:
you will need to be in date LPC SNCO/Officer to attend.
Thanks, yep I've done both RM and LPC but run out the following year. I really enjoyed both courses but your correct that most of these quals are needed (main reason why my quals ran out).

Seeing as we're 15 Bdes Sig Sqn, which being a regional Bde doesn't really have a deployable element, I can't see it being easy to keep the guys qualified. Although I did see details of a 2 Div support helicopter weekend a year or so back. The numbers we have in the troop attending the course is getting close to double figures it would be a waste for them all to loose the qual.

p.s. I forgot to mention the couple that are after doing P Coy



Do you mean double figures on the HHI? A reg Inf Bn may need at most half a dozen HHIs with the main emphasis on LPCs and RMs. The HHIs then teach and test the LPC/RMs. Once their currency has expired, you are looking at a recourse (3 days for RM, additional 2 or 3 days for LPC) or full recourse for HHI.

Also consider that HHI is time expired after 5 years, and full recourse is required. In my case I was HHI for 5 years, using the role on a frequent basis, but could not load onto a refresher HHI course because I had let my qual expire and I was not an in date LPC. As such, you would have to retake RM and LPC before you could attempt to load yourself on an HHI course.

Would definately consider whether you are doing it as an interest item (which is fine) or as an intended ongoing capability (which is extremely hard to achieve!).


Edited to add, If they are after doing P Coy then see if you have a TA Para Sigs unit locally (I don't think there is one) or approach 4 Para. Just wait for them to be poached though! Also consider that as they have no para role they are at the bottom of a very, very, very long list to get their lightbulb (not wings as not serving in a roled unit) and will not get para pay. Better for them to transfer to 4 Para and do the full ish. Bn HQ sigs det needs you!
The_Duke said:
If they are after doing P Coy then see if you have a TA Para Sigs unit locally (I don't think there is one) or approach 4 Para. Just wait for them to be poached though!
No TA Para Sigs Sqn exists at all, I think some have done some jumps (funded by unit). As for poaching, if they wanted to go they would have already gone but they aren't willing to travel upto Leeds/Wakefield (4 Para/299 (Para) Fd Sqn)

The_Duke said:
Bn HQ sigs det needs you!
Just a det :!: OC HQ Coy EWRR offered me the Sigs Platoon when I last talked to him :lol: :lol: (that was a year or two back, he might not be OC anymore)!
I`m fairly sure if you put a helquest in for a light helicopter JHC will send you a Gazzelle from 7 Regt AAC (V) you can use it for famil flights or under slung load training. They have a few HHI`s who mightl pop along with it to advise and help out aswell. Its worth a try as I know they are keen to help out.

Its JHC who say yes or no not 7 Regt...
When have you ever seen a gazelle pilot take a blind bit of interest in someone waving him in?

Great qualification - hope you find a pilot on whom you can use it.


If you had spent as long learning to fly as he had, and signed for the aircraft, would you pay much attention to some lunatic doing aerobics in the middle of a field?

HHI etc is more about the selection of HLS, prep of underslung loads and hooking/unhooking said loads. As I said earlier, good fun for the lads, but unless you have a need to use it regularly the training bill is not really worth the effort involved in keeping current.
The use of Gazelle for under slung loads is quite rare and it’s generally only done for training purposes. You are quite right most pilots generally just position themselves strait over the load and only use the LPC/RM as a guide as it’s much quicker. In the case of lynx or SH aircraft the rear crew will do all the work all that’s needed by you is to hook up.
If you signal to a gazelle pilot (who is on his own) that there is a problem he will react strait away as you may not think he is looking… he will keep glancing over to make sure all is safe but generally he will use you to confirm the load is hooked up or has released properly, all the rest he will do himself as in the gazelle it gives very good vision due the large bubble he sits in. If you using him for training then a good brief prior to the sortie will iron all of that sort of stuff out. In the case of 7 Regt, all the pilots are 22year plus ex regulars with thousands of hours on type. Most now fly for the airlines or for the oil companies on the rigs so are possibly as rusty at flying under slung as the LPC/RM are a good brief before and after will always help out…. enjoy
I was a BAOR Combat Supplies HHI* in 1977 and was tasked to check the HLS and marshal 4 RAF Wessex Helicopters of the Royal Flight with a VVIP Person. Imagine my surprise when the pilots did observe my coloured ground smoke and seem to obey my hand signals! (well most of them - and it did make me look good!) having wrote that the RAF load masters were keeping a check as well!!! Result four nicely parked helicopters and me bored as hell for the rest of the afternoon with a 6 man security guard and a well tied down command tent!
Ex Cockfeather, every October is run by RTC Edinburgh they also still run LPC/RM updates, they may be able to help

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