Airmiles Card, Free flights

A quote from an email I was sent from the Moneysaver's website. (Legit btw)

1,500 free Airmiles; enough for free BA return flights to Ibiza, Rome or 2x Paris! New Credit Card Freebie Loophole
The Airmiles website's new promotion says if you grab a Lloyds TSB Airmiles card via it, you’ll get 1,500 free Airmiles once you spend £10 using the card. So get the card, use it for a tenner's worth of normal spending, then pay it off in full so there’s no cost. And now you’ll have enough Airmiles for a totally free return trip (ie inc. taxes & charges) via BA to a mass of European destinations; or two returns to Paris or Dublin. The proviso is you must book one night in a hotel through Airmiles. Generally these are higher end hotels but the extra cost is more than met by the free flight; and they can be as cheap as £30 a night. For full pros and cons, other freebies and the impact on your credit score see the Updated Article: Credit Card Freebies Related Articles: Cheap Flights, Cashback Credit Cards, Loyalty Schemes
This can be checked out here:

Dont put yourself in Debt doing the airmiles card thing.... But the flights may be of use to someone.

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