Airmans Mid-Air Fuel Leak Video Saves Plane

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archangel, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Better than a kick in the stones.
  2. That usually happens to me when trying to attract their attention so I can order another drink! :wink:

    Nice to know that someone on the plane was on the ball! Well done Sgt Bachleda! You've done the US Air Force (and yourself) proud! :D

    You would've thought that some of the instruments on the air craft (i.e. fuel gauge) would have shown something to be wrong. 8O
  3. Indeed! 300 lives saved (not to mention a multi million dollar aircraft) and the airline condescend to bump the guy up a seat class! He may even have got a free extra packet of peanuts! 8O
  4. First Class is a nice reward! I once peeked in to see how the other half lived, before being captured and imprisoned back in Cattle! :D :D :p
  5. On a flight back to BHX from the Reich, I happened to notice an awful lot of pink fluid seeping over the leading edge on a 7pig7.

    Discreetly informed the Stewardess, who informed the Captain, who literally jogged down the aisle, took a look and assumed a worried frown.

    We went straight for BHX, no messing, touched down. Captain took me aside and thanked me, Stewardess gave me a "You'd get it, oh yes" look, and a male steward hissed at me, "Thanks to you I have to overnight in BHX"

    Which wasn't nice at all :(
  6. Did you?

    Get it that is.

    From the steward?
  7. No, not my type, he had a c0ck.
  8. He was lucky it wasn't BA. On a flight from Heathrow to Brussels I smelled burning in midflight. I obviously wasn't the only one, but we were all doing that terribly British thing: "Err, stewardess? I don't mean to be a pain, but... the aircraft... seems to be... on fire... A bit. Is it... err... anything we.. you know... should be worried about?"

    One rather vain attempt to disguise a frantic search through the overhead lockers later and the Captain came over the intercom to tell us some cock-and-bull story about, "probably a bit of paper sucked into the engines". We landed 40 minutes ahead of schedule and were tailed down the runway by a brace of fire engines - for a bit of paper? Yeah, tug my rubbing part.

    We didn't get so much as a complimentary pack of peanuts. Cnuts.
  9. You were lucky! Oh those pesky bits of paper can really cause havoc with a 975,000lb aircraft! I gather it was really a bit of tissue paper stuck in the rudder which actually sank the Titanic :lol: