Airman denied cancer drug

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by airforceone, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Just seen in the Express today the sad story of a currently serving RAF cpl who has been denied the drugs that could prolong his life after he got cancer. Its the whole postcode lottery thing, made worse because he has served his country and not resorted to being a low-life, scrounging chav barsteward. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to get a link although there is one to BBC News (Devon) if anyone can help out. Thanks Tone, proud to serve.
  2. Well he could always move to Scotland or Wales where his taxes are paying for free drugs there including fertility treatment for a heroin addict who oddly enough had 5 miscarriages due to drug abuse.

    The Scottish NHS even furnished her with methadone during her latest pregnancy.

    Obviously Gordon brown thinks it's only fair that English cancer sufferers should be denied drugs so that Scottish heroin addicts can be kept in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

    Its what devolution is all about.
  3. Anybody know this bloke? Is there a fund set up?

  4. It's a combination of Neue Arbeit/Limp Deb policies that allow this.
    I received my prescriptions free anyway (War Pens/Vets Agency paid) - unfortunately even in Wales drug abusing chav scum, sex offenders and other ne'er do wells' are given priority over the treatment of disabled veterans. :x
  5. If he's serving, why is he not being cared for by Defence Medical Services? Is this a case of the care of a serviceman with a serious condition being sent on long-term sick leave (or SAH), and not being properly monitored by the military medical/admin system to ensure he is properly looked after?

    Of course, there are no longer any military cancer services - it's a speciality the MOD/Treasury decided isn't needed.
  6. As General Lillywhite himself has Private Health Insurance it pretty much illustrates the faith in which the head of the AMS has in his own service.
  7. It's just not right and it's just not fair! :pissedoff:

    I know life's not fair, but this must be such a kick in the gut to someone who's not only been a responsible tax-paying member of society but someone who's served their country. I'm so angry.
  8. If hes serving where is DMS intervention, why is he not in Birmingham
  9. If the Trust concerned is in Devon, it's possible he is being treated at MDHU Derriford. Either way, the Service authorities seem to have dropped the ball.
  10. I belive haveing watch him on spotlight last night that that is the case his parents have moved back here from cyprus (X crab i would have thought) and are trying too sell there house to fund as NICE wont.

    he knows that there is no garentee that the drugs will save him however, they have worked before to extend time.

    Whilst i can appriceate that there is a only a finite amout of cash in the pot, many cancer specialist have said that even if a drug only extends someones time before they surcome to the terminal stages its no waste of money or resources.

    Liabour ........saving money the NHS every 24 hours CNUTS :x
  11. Its cornwall i think i missed a little of the report however i would assume he is being treated 'Ala' Derriford
  12. From the BBC:
    "Mr Lock's squadron have been trying to raise money to help him, however he will have to have the drug administered privately."

    Not sure which sqn but I'm sure they'd appreciate support.
  13. Is Devon one of the trusts that will deny you all NHS treatment if you fund your own drugs? I've heard of cases where people have bought their own drugs and have subsequently had to pay for all treatment themselves - scans, consultants time, hospital stays - the lot.