Airline Seats - Anyone know where I can borrow some from?


Can anybody help with this request?

We've been tasked (dicked) to organise decorations for an Airline themed party. Hence we need to find a job lot of airline seats that we can borrow.

Having spent a while now ringing round various RAF bases with little success, does anybody know a contact detail for say, the QM equivalent at Brize Norton or Lyneham etc.... or even where an old Tristar's being broken for parts?

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Try looking on the Marshall Aerospace website for contact details. They are based in Cambridge and do refits/refurbishments/servicing for the RAF C130 and TriStar fleet. You never know they may have some knackered old ones knocking about.
I dont think you'll get any luck from crabair. Their seats are actually a part of the aircraft (even if stuck in a store somewhere) and I very much doubt the SENGO (Senior Eng Off) would be happy to loan out very expensive seats (tens of thousands per seat) to a load of pished up squaddies.

You may wish to approach a film set suppliers (they will charge you for renting them and any damage) or try an aircraft breakers yard (yes there are such things - Manston for one).

As bettarider suggests, coach seats will do the trick and are probably a lot easier to source.

Failing that, just chuck a load of duck boards out and some CP chairs. Tell them its a 'Ryan Air' themed party.


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Have you phoned the Defence Fire School at Manston?

They have loads down there, stripped out of airframes they're using for fire training.

DARA St Athan could be another option as this is where they strip down the VC10's that have been retired from service (yes they do actually get rid of the older a/c rather than just using them until the wings fall off).

Oh, and if you are calling RAF bases for chairs contact the 'Role Bay' as these are the folk who deal with aircraft fits. At the perimer helicopter base of the British military I know the Role Bay have a skip full of life-ex Chinny seats but thats not what you're looking for I guess.


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There is a large commercial aircraft breakers in Bournemouth International Airport. If you look them up they might be able to help.

What about Tesco, they seem to sell everything nowadays :roll:

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