Airline Lounges, can they be blagged?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by ts_coney, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. I'm travelling on a ski holiday this weekend and I am flying from Heathrow with United Airlines, do you reckon using my MoD90 I could get into the lounge? What are people's experiences of airlines being military?
  2. Throw yourself into a woodchipper.
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  3. There are no military airlines.
  4. Why not go the whole hog? Turn up late (ish) in best bib and tucker not looking like a ski bum. If they're overbooked you may be in with a shout for an upgrade. Be polite and ask if there is any chance of one when you check in. It's very much down to how full the jet is and how you get on with whoever is checking in, I've had some and been lauged at in the past. Nothing ventured, nothing gained though.
  5. Pay servisair it's not expensive but not as good as a proper business class lounge.
  6. OK, slightly serious...

    You are not allowed to use your Service to gain financial advantage except for stuff in the Military Discounts book. ( or whatever its called. )

    Bah, humbug...
  7. Show them your everyone knows that it's a badge of heroism. If they don't let you in then they're a bunch of *****.

    You ******* penis.
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  8. Try telling that to the Rev Dannatt.....................
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  9. Unlikely for BA lounges although you could wait outside and ask a sympathetic looking person if he'll / she'll take you in as his guest.
  10. You can try to upgrade to baggage class next time you come back ;-)
  11. You know full well that CRAB air doesn't have a class that high.
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  12. Ravers

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  13. Blow kisses at one of the soup jockies, I'm sure he/she will let you sit up front. You'll have to move some large egos aside though.
  14. Why would you want to blag your way in, it's only about a tenner extra when you book your seats.
  15. Good one. Try 'The Earl of Lucan'. You'll get plenty of attention.