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Alternatively, if you wanted to read the intellectual equivalent of paint drying and tired of the drivel emanating from the cabin crew, the GA forum is equally dull.
Be careful travelgall - theres some precious ******* on the trolley dolly forum on pprune. They fall over themselves to feign outrage at the slightest hint of un p.c or anything that does not acknowledge they are in fact more qualified than the flightdeck.
Agree about ga- its just one big shit argument about a million trivial things, almost feel ashamed to hold a ppl reading some of that gash. Mil aircrew good for crab bashing every now and again tho!


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Its more about a particular place I'm looking at visiting. Wanted to drill down as to the politics and corruption of the place. Reckoned the Pilots/Cabin Crew would know. Thanks guys.
Airline Meals can be a bit of fun LINK

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