Airline Boss slams the French.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. A furious airline boss has blasted the French as "lazy frogs" after protests disrupted services to the UK.
    Philip Meeson, the chairman and chief executive of Yorkshire-based budget carrier, launched his attack in an article on the company website.

    The article's headline said: " condemns French strike action and calls for lazy frogs to get back to work!"

    Well done for such a wonderful reply to the Frogs!!!
  2. :lol: Nice one Jet2 !! :lol:

    I only heard about this new airline the other day, a friend of mine is actually flying with them this afternoon so I'll find out if they're anygood. They've certainly gone up in my estimation if their CEO has the sphericals to make hilariously un-PC (but accurate!) comments like that!
  3. story here

    The BBC have helpfully put this pic up too from the article so we get the idea :D

  4. That was a mature thing for him to say. I look forward to Jet2 getting the crappiest parking and time slots at CDG for some time to come.

    The French bear a grudge? Mais mangetout plus Rodney....
  5. Look the Air France has a lot finical problems and has been bailed twice in the last few years by the French Government against the rules of the EU. With a lot blow and bluster they managed to get Brussels to agree to a multi billion Euro package to save Air France. Now Air France can't change it's ways so the best thing is to have a go at perceived opposition
  6. - who are they? We now know. It's a great tactic for directing many more people to their Yorkshire based website and a thumbs up to whoever came up with this inane wheeze - they've made the National News - and all publicity is good publicity, even if it borders on the UKIP, or racist. If they insist it's a bit of fun, let's hope their servers don't crash with the extra attention they'll be receiving - or perhaps they're already prepared for this eventuality? Is this naked publicity stunt done in the interests of their suffering customers or their suffering profits? The next time I depart Blackpool or Leeds, I'll get the National Express.

    I'd do a full and detailed response to this, but I'm too tired - I haven't got the energy. :wink:

  7. Fcuk me, it's David Cameron!!!!
  8. You calling them Racist by any chance :? what's your real name, Cameron :wink:
  9. Well done Jet 2 excellent airline been on them for a few Spanish flights. Its not racist they say a lot of worse things about the 'roast beefs'.
  10. And some blacks say a lot worse things about the French, so it can't be racist, and some Ku Klux Klan say a lot worse about those blacks, so that can't be racist.
  11. shut up frogperson , its a free country we can say what we like how we like, at least we dont go round burning lambs, Hijacking lorries and burning them, firebombing English homes in france, French Govt delaying importing British beef under false pretexts, which all seem to be a national pastime for the FROGS
  12. Oh yes and we have seen recently how well the French governement and military police handle race problems, with teargas and batton rounds.
  13. So do the majority of Riot units worldwide!!!
  14. It is indeed a free country, but does your we include the British Muslims who recently made their feelings known on placards following the hoo-ha about Danish cartoons? Or is it a more selective kind of we?

    The recent riots in France have really put fire in my belly. It's heartwarming to see such passion aroused and a timely reminder for governments who believe they can control and manipulate every aspect of society. It's time the UK had such a backlash, but they're too easily divided and dominated: grassing each other up for benefit cheating or tax dodging; or ringing a number on the back of a van to report bad driving; or whispering down the phone to report Mr Perkins next door for using a hosepipe :? - how demeaning - you play straight into the hands of those who seek to dominate you. Get control and FIGHT BACK before it's too late!
  15. You're absolutely right Frenchperson.

    Now tell me where your car is so I can firebomb it.