Airgun sale restricted

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. an intelligent decision by the Govt :roll: , it wont make a blinding difference, the criminal won't be going for pop guns when they have access to Uzis, AKs, Handguns illegally.

    so why has gun crime risen then and where are the guns coming from ? certainly not from registered firearms dealers.
  2. It is doing something to be seen to be tough on crime. I think replica, blank firers and BB guns will be next.

    Meanwhile yugo surplus AKs come in through our pathetically porous borders and straight to the criminal gangs that ordered them, intent on protecting their turf, drug trade or intimidation.

    At least you know, thanks to New Labour, that when someone pulls a gun on you it aint gonna be a fake, as they are too hard to get hold of, and you are well and truly in the brown stuff...

    That what I call progress.

    Cheers for that Tony.
  3. Looks like just another stealth tax, do what you did before just pay the Govt for the privilege. With the exception of a few of the old fashioned local sports shops and a few specialists most places that sell airguns will already have paid for licences to sell shotguns, firearms or at least cartridges and so will have already met a much higher standard.
  4. The same can be said about asylum seekers. I think the dealers have people working inside the airports and on the docks where the shipments come in.
  5. Oh they are already in the firing line! (no pun intended :lol: )


    * This would include Plastic Toy Guns!
  6. Its far worse than that - the ban will extend to items "which a reasonable person could take to be a gun". Since the vast majority of reasonable people in this country have never seen or held a gun, this sweeping clause could concievably include cordless power drills, black bananas, etc....
  7. An end to "Walting" as we know it?

    Well not quite, the Violent Crime Reduction Bill has been amended to allow for responsible people who already possess blank-firers, replicas and de-activated weapons to continue to use them. Spare parts will still be allowed to be sold to keep them in good order and re-enactors will still be permitted to carry and use them providing they do so in a controlled environment i.e. a military show or battle re-enactment.

    However, how this will effect the resale of them - I'd say it will create a huge black market amongst re-enactors. I suspect the government will have to resort to a licencing scheme.
  8. Or table legs!

    What kind of government is it that needs to pass these kind of self-defeating laws?

    And what kind of population is it that lets them get away with it?
  9. Oh for fucks sake.

    That scrote who killed the kid should have gotten a 5 year minium sentance if the judge had applied the law.

    As for:
    "It is not enough to simply restrict the sale of airguns - we also need to impose strict conditions on who can acquire airguns and where they can be used."

    We already have some of the toughtest airguns laws around. Seeing as only over 18's are alowed to buy Airguns, and they can only be used on private land with the owners permission.
  10. How can the government possibly have a de-act/replica/banana licensing scheme?! The Police have a very patchy record just administering a relatively small pool of law-abiding, documented FAC holders (frequently, the firearms staff are civilian clerks with little or no knowledge of firearms). Look at the utter shambles over just the "Brocock" ban - something like less than 10K now on FACs out of the 70-80k sold in the country. De-acts, airsofts and replicas must number in hundreds of thousands.
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    This was tongue in cheek, wasn't it ?
  12. of course ;)
  13. I am truly soory that a child died, but then again there was a car crash last week killing all 3 occupants on a minor road in Devon - does that mean, as part of the VCB we shold ban cars??

    Fcuk it - lets ban minor roads as well, as they are dangerous, and should be restricted.

    Hey you know what - two dogs took a sh1t in the street outside my house - lets ban dogs!!!

    Fcuking Wancers!!!
  14. The restrictions on civil liberty and individual freedom we accept as today's norm are troubling. Exactly which danger are we being protected against - possibly?
    Jingoism combined with PC is a volatile mix and our govmint of wnakers will apparently pass any law - good old "something must be done - the public demands it" - because we are British - and we obey all the EC rules - hence the post Dunblane pistol ban which probably did more to create the mythical "gun culture" that the great PC unheedful used as a scare tactic to achieve the ban.
    Have you noticed how we are restricted these days by "executive decision" - in other words, some nameless and unaccountable civil servant interprets the law and it passes into statute by administrative action.
    Now - I would personally slot any chav, yob, prat, dichkead, police firearms expert or other individual who uses airguns or any other projectile firing tool in a stupid way - but I will defend to the limit their right to possess the things and to use them without benefit of government licence.

    Apologies - turned into a rant.