Airgun laws?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Whiskey_60, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Hello chaps,

    I was out on a tab this morning around my local woods. Whilst breathing out of my rear coming up to my last mile I passed two Chav's (tracksuits and all) wielding air rifles each and one with a BFOK tucked down the front of his trousers, one had it in a drag bag on his back and the other was leaning on it with the barrel against his foot (I just wanted to scream bad drills!).

    I stopped and asked them what they were upto and they said they were hunting, now this is a public woods and I thought of them firing rounds off and hitting people walking their dog when they missed their intended targets. I politely asked them to take their shooting to their back gardens explaining that it's a public area. They told me they were excellent shots and there was no chance that they would miss their squirrels head! Regardless I asked them again to jog on, they refused so I thought i'd blag it and tell them I was an off duty Special and i'd have to report them if they didn't leave, for some odd reason (I had a mil daysack on and was covered in sweat) they believed this and left.

    Now, I probably broke some law about impersonating a Copper. But that aside, these woods are council owned I believe, is it illegal for them to use an air rifle in that sort of area? Where can they shoot?

    Appreciate any responses!

  2. im sure there is a law regarding public byways or something like you need to be no closer than 50 meters (or feet) neat to any path

    but if its owned by the council mabey they will be able to enlighten you a bit.

  3. It is illegal to:

    Carry a loaded or unloaded airgun or imitation firearm in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse. Trespass in a building or on private land with an airgun whether it is loaded or whether or not you have ammunition.

    Kill or injure any bird or animal protected by law unless you are authorised to do so under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

    Airguns in Public Places

    It is against the law for anyone to have an airgun in a public place unless they have some proper reason for doing so - for example, it has just been confiscated from an offender. A public place is anywhere where the public are allowed to go, regardless of who owns the land, and even though they may have to pay. Roads, streets, footpaths, canal towpaths, public parks, play areas are all examples of public places. If the general public have some sort of right or permission to be in a particular place, that is a public place and you are not allowed to have a loaded airgun in that place

    All this and more here.........Air gun law site.

    Looks like you did right.
  4. So the only place we should be seeing a loaded airgun is either on their own property, someone elses they've been given permission to shoot on, or at a licenced range?

    Seem's pointless owning one! I do have a Co2 bolt action jobby that I bought second hand years ago and I've never actually fired it, despite buying a mil-dot sight for it and intending on finding a shooting club which I still need to do...

    Thanks for the replies lads :D
  5. You miserable interfering f*cker.

    Why don't you mind your own business?

    They weren't harming anybody (apart from squirrels) and land on which to get shooting is extremely hard to come by - particularly for the young. OK, so they weren't necessarily within the law, but they weren't affecting you and its not your role to enforce the law.

    Why do some adults think it is their duty to meddle?
  6. I walk my daughter around those same woods every Sunday, the thought of a stray pellet smacking her in the grid generally makes me want to meddle.
  7. If they were legitimate they would have produced written permission. I shoot on a regular basis (air-rifle). I have written permission which I always carry with me.

    Always ask for written permission.

    I suspect that in this case they were up to no good.

  8. Hello Bandsman, i notice your in Sheffield.

    As mentioned previously I have my own rifle but have no idea where to shoot with it that's legal. Where abouts do you shoot?
  9. This is why...

    Boy shot in head with air rifle

    « Previous « PreviousNext » Next »View GalleryPublished Date: 21 August 2008
    A 10-year-old boy has been shot in the head on Ashtons Green Park in Parr.

    The young victim suffered a minor wound, believed to have been caused by an air pellet.

    He was rushed to Whiston Hospital shortly after the incident, at 5pm on Sunday (August 17).

    He has since been discharged from hospital.

    Detective Inspector Chris Sephton said: "Thankfully the young boy received only a minor injury however this could have been more serious. We have launched an intensive investigation and are treating this matter very seriously.

    "I would urge anybody who was in the area at around 5pm on Sunday, to come forward and contact Merseyside Police. You may have seen something that could help with our inquiries."

    St.Helens Reporter
  10. Common sense? duty?
  11. Oh, I forgot to add - you c*ck!
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The Airgun laws are there for a a reason. Yes, you woz right for asking them to jog-on.

    I hope that if you see me running around that same wood, naked, with a wood . . . . and a machette, you aren't going to give me such a rough time though.

  13. No, I think you actually forgot to add that you are a small minded imbecile with the cognitive powers of a tampon, and that you are going to immediately drown yourself in your own p1ss in penance.
  14. I'd probably be quite turned on actually!
  15. Dilfor - I'm not in any way saying they shouldn't shoot, one of the questions I asked is where would they be allowed to shoot. If presented with the situation again It would be nice to be able to tell them where they can still shoot.

    I love shooting, I wish I had somewhere to fire my own (as I've mentioned already). If kids are shooting responsibly then their not shooting up on drugs or mugging old ladies, however when their mincing around with a knife tucked down their trousers and a blatant disregard for weapon handling in a wood thats filled with dog walkers, runners, and familys taking a walk - then their dangerous.