Airfrance jet missing over atlantic

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wireless_barf, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. the french have managed to lose an airbus! dont look good, 216 on board, lost 186miles from Natal. Brazilian airforce SAR in progress
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  3. Subtitles in English available to those that don't speak French.
  4. Quality... will it have subtitles for those of us who don't speak frog?

    Edited to add... BEATEN to it... DAMN YOU!
  5. fek, have i misposted this into the naafi? :D

    (that was my first thought though!)

    but seriously, it doesnt bode well for the poor sods onboard
  6. It was heading FROM Brazil to France. Probably a few plumbers heading to UK that didn't get the message from the last bloke to do that and out-stay his welcome.
  7. unless planes carry an extra 3.5hrs* of fuel (unlikely as it's too expensive these days), it's likely to have ditched! as i'm sure any other airfield will have told someone by now!!!

    *supposed to have landed at 0930GMT!
  8. french air ministry confirmed a few minutes ago that the aircraft would now be out of fuel

    no VHF or UHF EPIRBs being received, no HF or INMARSAT maydays, no reports of a ditched aircraft via any other aircraft or any surface vessels...

    catastrophic failure being touted most likely. Seems fighters or maritime patrol aircraft are heading out to search, but there gonna need tanker support to get there, and its going to take quite some time for them to reach the probable site, even before they start a search pattern

    (edited for sphellung)
  9. Not looking good.

    Beeb Linky

    Pprune is feeling the strain too by the look of it.

    Here's hoping it's sitting in a field somewhere looking just a little worse for wear.
  10. unless its been nicked by one of the coastal african countries!
  11. Bermuda Triangle innit - or Aliens - wait it will be covered up now - can't have us knowing about the green men..

    on a serious note though - condolences to those affected.
  12. Has anyone checked Somalia?
  13. FRENCH news conference just reported that there were automatic (HFDL) messages from the aircraft reporting an electrical short circuit
  14. No, they can probably stage out of Fernando de Noronha, an island practically at the centre of the search grid. Quite a small runway, but is old WWII USAF base with functioning airport. Best of luck to them.
  15. do they have maritime patrol/coastguard aircraft based their? if not would they not require tanking to reach it from the mainland (just coming up to speed with the geography now)

    fer farks sake, the wiki page for the islands has ALREADY been updated saying the plane was lost there!