Kit Reviews Airfix 1/32 scale Vintage Classic Beach Buggy re issue, comparison to an original kit.

Airfix re issued this today, I had mine on pre order with them, as I think they will sell out fast, but they are available on e bay at the moment. Originals, last issued in 1979, have been selling for £100 plus, so it's a timely issue for those that want to build, rather than collect. So let's take a look at the new kit.
the box artwork is far more vibrant in colour.
box top artwork.jpg

compared to the original kit box artwork.
box art.jpg
the lid off, shows the parts are secured in a sealed poly bag
bag sealed.jpg

the decals supplied with the new kit.
decal sheet.jpg

first look at some of the parts.
re released kit layout a.jpg


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I had one of these in the 80's, bought second hand and partially completed by the ham fisted gibbon who had it before me
the kit provides two figures, here's one, the passenger.
female figure close up.jpg

they are both reminiscent of the late 60's early 70's when the kit first came out, the Driver looks a bit like Jason King.
figures cu.jpg
the new kit looks to be molded quite well.
bald tires.jpg

Dr Porsche's unique torsion bar front suspension
front suspension.jpg

engine block and gearbox casing.
engine block and gearbox.jpg
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some more parts to view, main body shell, looks straight.
body shell cu.jpg

exhaust and intercooler pipes
exhaust pipes.jpg

wheel rims.jpg

I'm looking forward to building this, sand base and water flying diorama.
box end artwork.jpg

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