Builds Airfix 1/144 scale SR.N4 Hovercraft

instructions section 14, the cockpit has interior detail and some fine exterior parts, I might scratch some radar parts from the PE spares/leftover box
When you say "fine"? that means blobs I take it :)
"how does one get one's E type Jag doyn", one has a man to do it, naturally.
They must have had to back it up to a raised slipway to load from the back, and land them from the front, @Ian525 ? How did they load your family car?
Why is there a set of dentures in that picture?? I know we use all-sorts of items, but granny's teeth :)
ooooooh Baby, the Austin Powers sofa is in, shame it won't be visible when the roof is on.

that's the Port side seating fitted, there is no Starboard side seats in the kit. Now for some extra detail at the front ramp.
Back to the front ramp area, here is the details I'm trying to replicate...

the first area is trying to make a 10mm ladder from the spare PE BOX

5mm steps

then the mesh landing, made from leftover tank engine deck vent.
replicating the roof, just to get a feel for what will be visible from the open ramp rather than an exact reproduction of this

and maybe a suggestion of some of this ducting
a crowd of 1/144 scale figures arrived from e bay, quite pleased with the variety, there are replications of the same figure, but enough to spread them around the Hovercraft.

the scale of these tiny figures is shown in this comparison to an early 1960's Airfix 1/72 DAK.

painting a variety of civy clothes is difficult when all your paints are for Tanks planes and ships.

old fart with a walking stick blocking the emergency exit, at least he stayed on till nearly all the other passengers got off.
these two spent the whole crossing chattering away like birds, oh they are birds..

that boy with the football is going to get a bollocking from the Stewardess.

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