Airdrop Mishaps

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by tomahawk6, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. X-Inf

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    Oops :oops: Opps :oops: Opps :oops: and finally OUCH 8O
  2. That platform plummetting out of the four jet reminds me of the time I lowered my equipment and it didn't stop when it reached the end of the rope - it continued downwards at terminal velocity until it met Frog Hill. This made me rather apprehensive about my harness ...

    I blame the despatcher.

    My SLR was a total write off but the only damage to my (civilian) Bergan(TM) was a single fracture in the frame tube and I was able to carry it for the rest of the exercise. A very robust piece of kit, that was.
  3. I always blame the depatchers, even for a hard back landing. Only because they're RAF though!
  4. Saw the crabs piling a Scorpion in from a great height once at Abingdon. I, with three other lucky blokes, was in the process of rising in the balloon cage for my very first jump on the other side of the field. Made the atmosphere a little tense for a while. :D

    (Kenny M was the jumpmaster; how he managed to keep us calm after that was totally masterly, and everyone exited without drama!)
  5. msr

    msr LE

    This sounds like an ideal story for Tall Stories :wink:

  6. We all know to check our chutes, then those of our pals.... we also know that crab air likes to spot a mistake!

    In Altenstadt, the German army airborne school I visited a class comprising of brits, yanks, frogs and cloggies....

    Well we got aboard the plane, a lovely vintage c-160 Transall (made a herc feel modern) and off we went....

    The german pji pushed an american back and was swearing: gott verdammte schweinehund... du beefsteak arschloch &$**="!

    The yank had forgotten his chute and nobody noticed! :roll:

    Shoulda let him jump :twisted:
  7. Oh yes. Ring that bell... I was No1 and a tiny bit apprehensive in any case. After the creaming of the vehicle in the middle distance, we watched the dust disperse in a sort of ghastly silence. When the cage jerked and stopped, Kenny could probably see that I was about to climb down the bloody rope or cling to his leg or something. All he actually did was wink and start whistling under his breath and then go through the drills. I knew I was safe. Brillliant. (He may well have threatened the other guys with a debollocking by rusty penknife if they didn't go, but I was away and gone by then).
  8. Ding! Hankley Common (lovely and soft) for a night of falling out of balloon cages in the early 70's. For some reason there were a couple of Guards blokes with us, and they looked awfully sweet in their beautifully pressed combats, properly spaced puttees - and ammo boots (highly polished). My lot were totally intimidated by this display, and there were dark looks and grumbles about putting ideas into the heads of our heirarchy. After a couple of chalks we were into the swing of things; I went up as No3 as I remember, with one of the shiny fellows as No2.
    As the cage reaches its' desired height, it jerks and swings, the PJI waits for it to calm down, then opens the gate (just a bar across the opening in the side of the cage) and calls No1 to grip the sides of the gate with the customary vice-like grip prior to doing the "red on, green on" routine. On this occasion, however, he only had time to say something like "OK, lads, here we are. Now, No1, step forward...." when No 2, who for his own reasons had stopped holding onto the rim of the cage, shot past him feet first and exited under the bar howling like a banshee (descending note). We all watched over the side with interest as his canopy opened and the howl turned into a string of choice verbs and nouns below. Moral: leave the ammo boots at home, the cage floor is made of steel.
  9. 242

    242 Swinger

    Strange but true, went to Shaiba (Iraq)as a civvie and the medic (RLC) was an ex APJI who throw me out of the cage in 1981 on a NBC balloon jump, (bottled it) walked in to the casualty department and he said "I know you", I lied and walked on, is this some form of witchcraft that APJIs have?
  10. Hmm. Riyadh in June 2003 and I was at an Embassy thrash (real Guinness) when a former US Air Force Maj (and APJI) with some weird spam/crab comms/SF unit came across and said the same; he'd kicked me out over southern Germany in the early 70's. Good bloke but talked too much about 'rehydrators' when I'm sure he meant 'water bottles'.