Aircrew Take-over bid


As was expected the Sky goods have got in first (well done !) lads, but of course the needs to be room for groud spikes, dont you think, it will of course be harder for us chaps becouse we cant afford endless surfing as ISP's aint as cheap as they used to be :'( .....

If there are some lesser AAC beings out there please post now. Becouse before I get carried away in here I need back up 8) "Just Kidding"
You are inviting people to reply to this, and intimating that they are 'lesser AAC types' if they do? And then you ask them to back you up? What kind if idiot would fall for such a scam?

DOH! ::)


If You invite them they will come !!!!!!

And when they come let the fun begin..

Quote for the day (Sarcasm is not dead)
How can you call groundspikes lesser AAC beings!

As an ex goundspike myself I never considered myself Lesser at all,just gaining a good grounding for future intentions and to be quite honest, with some of the plonkers that were Skygods then gave me the confidence to go aircrew myself,you know what I mean, if they can - I can !.

No doubt some of our groundies look at us now and think the same thing.

Besides if it wasn`t for them,nobody would turn up at Sqn PT ;D

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