Aircrew Sgts and Petty Officers for the RAF and RN

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ancient_Hush_Puppy, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. Some years ago there was a Government report recommending that the Andrew and the Crabs follow the AAC practice and train their NCOs and ratings to fly their aircraft instead of expensive officers. In these financially constrained times it appears to be eminently sensible for Sgts (and POs) to be in pilot roles. Why haven't the Senior Service and the Brylcream Boys introduced it?
  2. Because its not a suitable vocation for those without land and wealth.
  3. I think it had somthing to do with the use of nuks.
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    That was the reason the navy used to justify it's stance after the introduction of nuke depth charges. Can't have DW's in charge of nukes. But since they've gone there seems to be no eminently sensible objection to it any more.
  5. Who the feck would trust a woooopert with a nuke!?! :)

    (Then again, saying that, your average AAC/RM pilot would probably swap it for beer and porn!)
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  6. Why "expensive" officers? A Flight Sgt and a Flying Officer get similar pay. Both would get the extra flying pay so how much extra would it actually cost? I suppose when they get to Sqn Ldr etc the differential would be more but the F/Sgt could be a WO by then which is also about the same pay scale.
  7. Wasn't it cheaper because the Sgts stay role in longer? Rupert and Tarqers tend to get bored of whizzing about and leave... or go in to desk jobs.

    Rankwise, isn't about time that we started marrying up the three services (and RM) so that we're all on the same sheet?

    The Army could benefit from 'senior tom' and the even the RAF Regt have seen sense in having a LCpl.

    Could be a good time to introduce a third spine of rank too.

    Sergeant Major type roles could become ranks in lieu of appointments, pretty much everyone else chops to Warrant Officer. WO3 - 1.
  8. and your problem with this is?
  9. The standard answer from the crabs is that the personal qualities required in one of their pilots are, in fact, the same qualities required to be an officer. And yes, it was the deployment of nuclear depth bombs that led to overnight commissions for airman aircrew pilots and navs on the Shackleton.
  10. No problem foreseen this end! :)
  11. This data is a bit old, but an RAF WO earns about the same as a more senior Flt Lt. The real difference is in pensions, the officer is far better off than any SNCO or WO. Then there are the better MQ for officers.
  12. Pension much the same if they are on PAS.
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  13. You clearly haven't met many (any) Crab officers then?
  14. The shakelton was armed with nukes!!!!!!
  15. Ho yus! :)