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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Dogwalker, Aug 27, 2005.

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  1. Any one know what watch is to replace the Seiko chrono that is used by the AAC/RAF/FAA?

    Are the CWC or Pulsar G10 watches issued to aircrew or do they use only the chronos?

  2. Curently the IPT responsible are saying the Seiko, but as its funded by the Air Farce, managed by the Navy and used by Gods chosen, who knows... (my bets on the Seiko, have to change my CWC).
  3. Who cares? I ditched mine after the second one I was issued with was w@n|<. Since then I've coped with £5 Casios or natty £7 copies from a geezer I met in Lanzarote. If you want real time get a reliable watch, if you want to to show off get an Eagles Breitling.
  4. Concur with CW on this, I recently saw a nav proudly showing off his new Seiko watch which he'd recently received as a replacement for the old model. Looked quite neat, with the date and a new scale around the circumference. However, since mine packed up several years ago with the normal loss of synch between the various small arms, my £10 Casio has served me perfectly well timing how long my curry has left to do in the galley!!!
  5. Thanks for the replies. There were two versions of the Sekio chrono. The first in the late 80s with four buttons and the next generation in the 90s with two buttons which was the current model up to press.

    I gather from what you all said that the two button version is now replaced with another Seiko?

    As I asked before do any aircrew use the CWC G10 or the Pulsar G10?

    Again thanks for the feedback.
  6. I have had a 4 button one since before GW1 and it still works fine bar two battery changes. Personally, I liked the old Hamilton wind up ones but they are long gone aside from ebay and about £200. Big dials, big friendly numbers and the luminous material had a radio-active half life of about 400 years. You could still tell the time on your wrist after you had taken the thing off!
  7. Why the Eagles ones are crap, last I saw they were usign the god awful digital one

    I can thoroughly recomend the Navitimer Heritage and the chronemetre though...... Headwind is a touch on the naughtyside too.
  8. Surely a bit of a Walt thread?

    The only reason to wear the aircrew watch is because it is free - and if you break it doing something arduous like 'walking out' or a DFS then the Q's dog obligingly gives you another - free of charge. Because it is not hideous I wear mine most of the time, again revelling in its freeness. The fact that some cretin would part with £300 for one at Silverman's makes mine feel a bit more expensive.

    But it breaks readily and the whole webbing strap thing will be passe soon (although quite fancy an ARRSE coloured one).

    I certainly wouldn't want to track one down when for that sort of cash there are plenty of more elegant solutions.

    It's like the bloke who wants pilot boots. Why?
  9. Because they were the most comfortable boots going when I was in. :D
  10. Have to take issue with the Brietling fanciers!

    Personally, very council house chic! Right up there with Rolex................

    Bell and Ross now produce a very nice range of Chronos, designed to look like aircraft instruments. Different, classy and not an ounce of Bling in sight..........

    Also as a discrete alternative, the IWC Chronos are very sporty!

    Come on Pilots and Aircrew, you have the money, now get some taste!

    PS, Yes, I await the onslaught of abuse :)
  11. Far too is any watch costing more than a couple of hundred quid. IMHO anyway. :roll:
  12. ????

    Bugger that! Try ... "a couple of quid". Anyone who wastes a couple of hundred quid on a watch isn't drinking enough beer.
  13. On an associated point, can we please discuss the issued MK15 sunglasses? Would anyone except Walts and paleolithic RAF special aircrew ever be caught dead wearing them? I'm convinced that their intended purpose was more contraceptive than FS-oriented because as far as I know no-one has ever pulled while wearing them.
  14. I know they exist - but I have never seen them. I think they are just a tinted version of the NHS items that owl-like pilots put on at the last minute, just before the tinted visor comes down. In that case they went out at the same time as Duran Duran did.

    You have got to be a hard core walt to track this sort of stuff down. However any walt wearing them (along with full AEA) would certainly pass for the real thing - or RAF SpecA.

    Naturally, all aircrew can afford something a little more expensive, particularly when it's tax free. No point climbing out of the mighty six-tonne love truck looking like Noel Edmonds is there?
  15. Ditto that. I had mine on ticket - which was great for irritating those who thought they could sting me for wearing them. They're dino-boots now, but at the time, they were well gucci.