Aircrew I need more money Question ;0)

Guys, I was asked the following question, has anyone got any solid answers please??

Can you check out a pay query up there for me, I get told different answers depending on who I ask, in Oct 2012 I reach my 22 year point and because I am nco aircrew I will automatically get PESA (ie loose flying pay and get one big daily rate of pay instead, spec aircrew pay spine) my question is once on this large daily rate of pay, how long before I am pensioned on it, some say you have to do 5 years on PESA to be pentioned on that daily rate, others say its irrelevant what your on, it’s the daily rate of pay you received for the last 2 years is what you are pentioned on ? AAC say its 5 years (they would) other pay people say it’s the daily rate you were paid for your last 2 years in the Army no matter what scheme ????

Cheers Guys
PESA is pensionable (unlike flying pay). However, I think you'll find that in order to move onto the PESA at your 22-year point (I don't think it's automatic) you have to agree to give the army at least another 5 years of aircrew service in return.
I thought if you were on AFPS 75 then it makes no difference what you get paid as the pension is calculated on your highest sub rank held for at least 2 years, in your last 5 years.

If you move onto AFPS 05 then it is done on your salary, where it may make a difference.

Have a search on the Defence Intranet for the Army Pensions Warrant and it should all be clear.

Hope that helps, or at least doesn't hinder too much !!
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