aircrew eyesight test

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. i've just had a phone call from mate of mine who is a ta air despatcher up at chilwell for mobilisation.
    he was binned on his eyesight.
    his eyesight is 7-1 corrected with the right glasses on. he was told it has to be 3-1. he only pushes stores out of the back of a herc
    he had an a fitting for new bins for his ressie at the med centre at raf lyneham about 2 months ago. he asked the question whether his eyesight was ok as he was mobilizing. told yup no worries.
    2 weeks ago he had a re-enlistment medical and again asked the question and was told by blue job mo that he was fine as the regs have recently changed. med centre at chillwell quoted year 2000 regs
    i wasn't sure wether this is the right place to ask or the med forum??
    can anyone give any advice as he is to be dekitted and sent home to no job as his employer has now employed someone on a 6 month contract(thats another subject altogether).
    if anyone can offer any advice then i will pass it on.
  2. Who said that? :cyclopsani: