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Aircrew compulsory retirements ?

Whats happening ? Lots of chicken leg pilots with nothing to do and a requirement to lose a lot of heroic Lynx jocks in a short space of time. I believe there will be NO chance of redundancy and a few people (ok a lot) who thought that LSL(A)/Continuance was a safe bet will be getting SNLR notices. Anyone got any ideas or maybe even some accurate info?
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
No. Who are you, with your brand spankers identity? Read your other posts with interest and get the feeling this isnt your first identity on here :)
ITV - 1530 weekdays, I don't say much though :lol:
CR, you remind me of Bugsy7, less the profanity. There is a thread bemoaning people not registering on ARRSE, then when they do, they are treated with distain by certain individuals (the posting old sweats). Did you join with 300+ posts? Didn't think so, if you don't know anything on the subject, then don't reply, especially if all your going to do is ridicule someone.

Pocoyo, get some posts down your grid you crow! only joking, I received the same treatment when I first posted but I'm having therapy for it now. I believe it is all part of the restructuring (money saving) within the armed forces. We are no longer fighting the red hoardes coming over the hill, therefore no longer require the hoardes to fight them. Natural wastage (or XXXXL wastage for the lynx pilots) should omit the need for redundancy payments, saving further cash. Simplistic, but that's me!
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
well, not much of interest anyway.
CR. Thanks for that mate, very useful. Because I now realise that you regard any new poster to this site as a ne'er do well (potentially). Please let me assure you that I am just that, a new poster. I have followed this site for a long time and never really felt the need or desire to comment previously. But I do now. My original post was not an attempt to wind anyone up, it is something that is very close to me personally (and my mortgage!) and I genuinely wonder what people know (or think) about the future.

I'm sure it will take me many years to match your post quota but I shall endeavour to go for quality rather than quantity (in most cases). :wink:
Hopefully you will get a job as an MT Sgt or an Ops Room Senior to save you leaving. Just make sure you get the flying pay for it though, I wouldn't want you to feel hard done by
Pocoyo, i do apologise. I had read your previous posts (both of em lol) and then you arrived in here with a question that was clearly from someone "in the know" - terms like chickenleg etc. and i was probably a little too suspicious, and certainly a bit abrupt. so for that i apologise. it was certainly no elitism about the number of posts one had - like i give a toss about that. it was just a new identity and a bit of an odd fishing exped.

anyway, i do apologise, you too gary johnston. but gary, the reason i didnt reply was suspicion rather than not knowing. i know as much as any gazelle pilot - that im out of a f*cking job :)
No worries CR I fully understand having served an apprenticeship on PPRUNE many years ago.

I am worried about the future, my future and that of many friends. It seems to me that many people are in complete denial about it, hoping the problem will sort itself out in good old AAC fashion. Sadly the facts as we know them won't allow this to happen. With the forthcoming NI normalisation, the imminent disbanding of a Lynx Sqn and the rapid disposal of most of the Regular Gazelle fleet something has to give. As far as I am aware there is a need to reduce aircrew numbers by nearly a third before mid 2007, this means that natural wastage won't be enough. BRH will not be in service until 2013/14 (not taking into account a 3 x overspend and 3-8 year delay). I just think that some people plodding along are going to be in for a shock and maybe they need to act now before it's too late. Those people who qualify and have been debating the bridging course should do it now! There are some good lads out there who would make fantastic QHIs - get the check ride done!. A2 QHI will be the safest job in the Corps. If you are eligible then apply for a Commission.

Just ideas
Sorry to hear even you overpaid avtur guzzlers are not safe in your jobs.What is this country coming to? All you hear is President Blair going on about what great forces we have and then we come on here and find out they are cutting even more troops and equipment back.
An ex bubble washer.

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