Aircraft Technicians

Can anyone tell me what this career is like ? Are you stuck in a workshop all day or is job varied ?

Im asking because after taking my BARB test I was offered the choice of any career and am considering Aircraft tech as my main choice. Aircraft have always held my interest but I really want an insight into a typical day (if there is such a thing) before making a final choice.

Also, Ive been told that I will have to sit a Maths exam and although I got an A in my GCSEs, that was several years ago and I probably wouldnt get a pass grade if I was to sit it again now. Has anyone here had to sit this ? Is it quite an advanced paper or GCSE level ?
One of my mates is REME and works on the helis. Supposed to be the best route toward becoming an OR pilot because you know the airframe inside out. From what he says the whole deal sounds pretty laid back compared with joining an inf/ artillery/ cav establishment and getting treated like shyte. Which is more there's plenty to be said for having a highly desirable skill like aircraft maintainence/ repair when you finally hit civvy street. Go for it.
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Hi BurnCk, how are you? You need to be sure you really want this trade. This is due to the long training you have to go through. This consists of alot of different courses roled into one, it takes about a year and a half to complete. The Maths test you are worried about is the same level as your GCSE's and you must get over 75% to be a tech in my time but i have heard this has gone up to 80 - 85% now (if the rumours are true). Being honest just over your GCSE maths and you should do well. When you pass out from your phase 2 training then you go to your unit. It depends on your unit type for what you do during the day. With my unit, my job as an air tech is very varied. You can spend alot of time out of the workshop aswell doing R and R, excercise or any of the detachments. If you want to know more pm me. Good luck
I would go for it.
As an "old" Blackie, I would say that :eek:
('75-'87, trained on Souix, Scout, Gazelle, Ally III, Beaver and later Lynx)

The job can be repetive, doing the same schedualed job often...
(Filter washes for SOAP and the same examinations every 10 flying hours, etc)

The structure has changed since I demobbed, but the best job satification I ever had was at 71 AcWksps AMG, working on the FRTs...

Aw ra best

Work like a horse, fast as lightening and drop a bollock
Yes, FRT is a good number to get. More in depth work you can sink your teeth into, but not dull as being back in the Workshops. You get around a fair bit too.

I was a Blackie from 87-99. Trained on Scout, Lynx, Gazelle, Islander and Bell 212.

Things have change since I left too, but pm if you have any queries you don't want to post on the open form.
To anyone joining the Army I would say only join if being a Soldier is of very high importance to you.
It's not an easy life and the system has the right to order you in to very bad situations.
However assuming your a normal bloke, you will met some good comrades and have a more intresting life then most of the lads you went to school with.
I did 23 years as an Air Tech, had a lot of good times saw strange overseas places and learned much attending The University of Life.
As many have said before much is about what you put into the game, for in many respects it is a Game, the game of life.
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