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Discussion in 'REME' started by sawcomm6, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Evening all
    Ive been out the mob now for over a year and Im looking at joining back up as a main reason for this is the times i spent down the LAD were a lot more satisfying and productive than the endless tool cleaning and hanger sweeping I did as a sapper

    Im looking at aircraft tech and have a few questions if anybody can help

    1) How long the training is?
    2) What quals do u get at the end of it?
    3)Are these quals actually worth anything when u leave?
    (I ask this because Ive found the quals Ive got from the RE arent actually worth the paper there written on) :cry:

    Mainly though, do serving /ex techs recommend it?

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Instead of just cleaning tools you'll be cleaning and constantly accounting for them!!!!
    Ever heard of a thing called FOD? Can't afford for it to be around aircraft, hence much more cleaning and sweeping!!!!!!

    Brother is an Air Tech (dirty stinking BAT, could have been an A Mech like me, but has girls hands and a definite girly way about him!!), he has plenty of quals and recently had some pretty good job offers even though he has only been in 3 years and is now an ASM!!! (Only kidding bruv!) Promotion is good, I think he spent about 12 -18 months on his basic. Ninja maths and stuff though!!

    Go for it, worse jobs out there. AAC pilots need more people to clean their cabs out for them!!!!!!!! :wink:
  3. 1) How long the training is?

    For Air Tech, around 12 months but you could be at Arborfield longer taki8ng into account holding platoon waiting time and leave. For AvTech, about 18 months with the same caveats.

    2) What quals do u get at the end of it?

    NVQ 2 in self management or the like plus common foundation module recognition, maths and science (not sure to what qualification standard) at the end of the basic course.

    After Upgraders you get a BTEC Certificate or Diploma

    After Tiffy Course you get:

    a. 12 months course - a foundation degree as an AcTech (looking at upgrading this to a full degree in the future). This allows you to "top up" this with 2 years of self study via Kingston Uni (London) for a full BEng (Hons) in engineering (aerospace).

    b. 18 months course - Full degree from the AvTech course

    3)Are these quals actually worth anything when u leave?

    The degrees certainly are. You can get a raft of other courses with civvy quals as well.

    Finally, don't listen to the non Aviation Techs, they're generally all jealous of the better pay, lifestyle, good looks and personalities :)
  4. :D :D 3 years to ASM....must be a blackie, if he was a greenie he'd be an ASM with 2 years seniority!! :D :D