Hi could anybody please tell me if the level of maths required for aircraft tech is lower than that of electronics tech. Im due to partake in an electronics tech trade however what options are usually available if you fail the course ??
whitemouse75 said:
seeing as ece is one step below driver, i wouldnt pin your hopes on the aircraft boys taking you under their wings when you fail.
Just the sort of unhelpful reply you'd expect from a defunct tradesman that obviously didn't have the brainpower whilst in the REME to comprehend that not all electronics tech are ECE's. Guess that's why you were guided into that trade at the start. Probably also explains why you're now training to be a limp wristed p!ss and puke mopper upper..

To give a informed answer to the original post the GCSE standards for maths (yes GCSE's you know what they are?) are exactly the same for both electronics and aircraft tech. If you did unfortunately not make the standards then there are a lot of other options open for you. It used to be the case that you would be offered VE as a step down but they realised they needed to get rid of all those vindictive, unhelpful failed at VM posts.

Best of luck and just remember anything must be better than the prospect of dropping your soap in the shower whilst on your nurses training.
failed vm? i remember from my days at seme that vm training was a safe fallback if you couldn't handle the cut and thrust of electrics branch.

mopping up piss and puke is what cleaners do mate, i'm busy letting the army pay me to do a degree, sometimes i have to attend for up to 14 hours a week.

ref. the soap in the shower, i spend all my time working, living and drinking with young ladies, you spend yours surrounded by men with oil smudges on their hands. i know who i'd fear most in the shower.

i miss the reme....
if the BAT's reject you then ECE or Armoured Systems Engineer (class 1 ECE me thinks if you are to work with GODS tradesmen) is a fine trade

if you fail however and become an ECE ... i wouldnt tell them

there are other options however, have you been circumcised?..............Sandhurst might just be for you m'laddy
ECE or Armoured Systems Engineer. What corps are they ??
Hendo, it sounds like you've set yourself for a technical job and that your choice is between aircraft tech or electronics tech. The differences are (please help me out any avionics/aircraft guys if i get your side wrong). An aircrat technician is in essence a helicopter mechanic who deals with the electromechanical aspects. An avionics tech deals with all of the electronic components.
A electronics technician is the generic name for soldiers who have completed trade training out of SEAE arborfield. In the old (better?) days these soldiers would be further split into categories - ECE (basically tank or artillery systems techs) TELS (telecommunications) RADAR (guided weapons and radar systems techs) and INST (optronics techs). Thats a pretty rough guide obviously as a electronics tech you will have a lot broader spectrum of postings and various jobs that you may be asked to perform. If you have a look at past threads from avionics or aircraft techs there seems to be a bit of discord as to the lack of variety in postings etc but that is not me trying to steer you in one direction.

whitemouse - if you aren't a tech why are you answering this guys queries? I didn't feel the urge to put anything on the w pull thread because I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT perhaps its a tact that you could take up.

Sparky8 BSc working living and drinking with young ladies (its not big or clever)
Thanks for that, the reason why I was posting was becuase im undertaking an electronics tech trade however I was a little worried about the maths so if for some reason I failed I wanted to look at another trade possibly aircraft tech or armourer. I dont suppose you know what the promotion prospects are for armourer do you or have any more details on this trade ??

so what all you technician apologists are saying then is that if he begins electronic tech training and fails the maths, he will be accepted onto an air tech course..

Just been searching the net on aircraft tech and from what I can see you need the same maths requirements as an electronics tech (same course I think) so this will probably be out the question. Does anyone have any info on the armourer trade promo prospects what level of maths is required.
Rule of thumb Hendo if you fail maths or your maths is not good enough in the first place don't look at another tech trade in REME, you won't get one. In my experience (with the same caveats on the other thread you started) most 'failed' tech's go on to become VM's that is by no way a statement that should be read that one trade group is better than the other.

It just goes to highlight the much greater mathematical content of Basic Electronics Course (you will be using maths almost everyday while at SAEA).

Hendo - read up on self fulfilling prophesy. If you think you're going to fail then the odds are that you will. Don't worry about the maths, I left school with 2 GCSE's (maths & english) which were both C passes. Read into that what you will but Im now an Artificer with a degree in Electronics. Don't think Im bragging because anyone who knows me will know how much I struggled through, but, I worked hard. If you do that then you won't fail.

Now stop procrastinating, get down the recruiting office and get your arrse up to Arborfield.
Thanks for that, great advice now what ill do is get through me basic and work my arse off, thanks again for all the advice.

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