Aircraft tech pre interview help

Hi I'm new to the site and looking to join as an aircraft tech. I'm awaiting my adsc date and interview date. Ive done endless research into this and would just like to see if anybody can explain any better. What will phase 1 and 2 entail, how long will each period be, I am at pirbright for phase 1 where am I likely to be for phase 2. ( basically I just want so educated advice and I formation so I am prepared for the interview) if you can help I would appreciate it.
This is all on the Aircraft technician Job briefs your Recruiter should give you ...The Aircraft Tech one is quite good compared to most Pirbright followed by SEAE Arborfield giving you quite a good breakdown at Phase 2. Ask the ACIO for this first, very suprised you haven't got it already though. Also do research on the REME...get it from fact rather than information on ARRSE that may not be 100%.
Thanks that will come in handy. I've basically had to look at everything from scratch as my recruiter booked me in for my barb whilst he was on annual leave so I never got a break down of anything I was almost picked up and put on the conveyor belt by another recruiter with no explanation of anything. How long is phase two do you know?

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