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Aircraft Tech Postings

Middle Wallop
Brunei (civvy techs?)
Creden Hill

Fukcing hell that makes sad reading. It's just a depressed crippled orphan of what used to be possible...

Good luck with your BAT course though PushBeyondYourLimits!
As one of the last Reme techs in Brunei I can confirm that both Brunei and Belize are now manned by civvy (FBH) engineers earning a damn sight more than they ever did in the mob. It was sold as a money saving measure but quietly admited that it was a need for engineers to fix the mighty wah. Unfortunately for the army when they closed down Reme air Brunei, October 2004, about half the engineers said "stuff that" and left! Bonus! Belize went the same way a little bit later (not sure of the date) but don't know what happened to the techs there. Enjoy Wattashame and the sandy places.
The same sneaky beaky posting that will probably be manned by civvy engineers operating a new aircraft type in the not to distant future? Hope that doesn't break opsec! (It is all over the civvy world already.)
Flashy has only put AAC units on here (as it is his vocation), remember that Aircraft and Avionics techs are used in the UAV role. At the moment that means an extra posting to Larkhill but 47 in Thorney Island are also getting something as well. I am not sure if they will be supported by air systems techs but it may be another post.
The shortage of civy helicopter engineers will bite sooner or later. So manning another mil/civ operation will be interesting.

Rumour has it that the forthcomming SAR contract will need another 60 civvy engineers.

At the moment rig based contract engineers are getting £400 a day all found.

Onshore it's pushing £45/50k+ and they are like hens teeth. So I don't see
a huge rush to man another operation at the miserly rates usually on offer.

I'm afraid if you want decent postings now you have to go civvy!!!!!!

Tanzania, Holland, Germany, Greece, Norway. Antigua, Barbados, Ireland
Sweden, HongKong and all without being shot at!!!!!!!!!!

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