Aircraft tech. Maths and physics standard

Hey, I have just got a start date for aircraft tech. feburary 2011. When I got my date I was told to maybe start working on my physics skills as we do 11 weeks of this as part of phase two training, which I need to pass to move on to my aircraft trade training, I was told it was at a pretty high standard.
I'm wondering if theres any aircraft/ avionics technicians on here who could advise me on what standard the maths and physics is during this and how I may help prepare myself for this. Thsnks for any help.
Mate, I joined as an Aircraft Tech 22 yrs ago. I had O Level maths but still had to sit the intorductory maths pool before I even got to look at a helicopter. I have now been in the Intelligence Corps for about 21 Yrs. I think you can probably guess how i got on!!!!

I found it really hard but then againI'm shite at maths!

Good luck
I'm with eye-spy on the maths I went into Arobofield in 87 having a fairly decent A level in maths and had to sit maths pool, it wasn't easy, the chaps with little or no maths struggled and one of my oppo's insists to this day it was the most intense course he'd sat but he had no maths to begin with, getting him up to scratch in 4 weeks took a lot of hard work, and long hours

His biggest asset was dogged determination LOL

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