Aircraft recognition

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by X59, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. X59

    X59 LE

    Quietly supping my pint in the village pub last night, when the peace was broken by a rhythmic beat getting louder.

    " That's the distinctive sound of an approaching chinook "
    Says the village ex TA ( part time soldier, full time banging on about it - courtesy Jack Dee ).
    " I know that cos we used them all the time in the TA ".

    " Actually that's my washing machine in the room upstairs "
    Says the landlady.

    " What did you say you were in ? "
    asked the bearded old fella in the corner.

    Cost of a pint of guinness - £3.20

    The look on Mr TA's face - fucking priceless !
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  2. OK, so this was a washing machine which suddenly burst into life of its own accord. Why would anyone (even a part time soldier full time banging on about it) actually say " That's the distinctive sound of an approaching Chinook"? Did he think it was going to land at the pub?

    PS - nice avatar! Well done.
  3. My washing machine does it too-only on spin-all of a sudden like. I believe him. But then I'm gullible.
  4. Spin cycle just kicked in! ;-)

    Re. Avatar; Spean Bridge?
  5. Didn't happen though did it?
  6. Chinooks all scrapped and turned into washing machines perhaps?
  7. Mistaking a washing machine for a Chinook is one thing (and easily done), but mistaking a Chinook for a washing machine is even more embarassing. Result: one very unimpresseed loady and one unwashed bag of dhobi.
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