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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by cloudbuster, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Right, you lot, I'm on the scrounge.
    Cloudbuster has come out of retirement and I'm now a Civilian Instructor with the ATC. As a starter for ten, I've been tasked with getting an aircraft recognition team together to mount a challenge on the regional trophy later this year, something my Squadron has never managed in all it's years of existence.
    Problem - no piccies, not even the basic stuff, so I'm asking those of you who still take a perverse pleasure from humiliating people with slideshows, if you've got any pictures of the basic UK/NATO stuff, on slide or even .ppt, and you can spare it, please PM me. Don't bother with AFVs, or sneeky-beeky poke the lens out the back of a Brixmis Range-Rover stuff, that's for next year - just remember that the Little Ones are starting from scratch.
    (If Shiney-9 still has a Training Wing, you've got a shedload of slides - I know, I put a good number of them in there.)
    Do SSVC still push out slide-packs? Yes, I know they're generally crap, but better than my artistic abilities.
    Over to you.
  2. Let me know your Sqn address and I'll pop some CD's in the post.

  3. Check your PM, mate.
  4. I too can help being of the photo recce persuasion (as a job you understand, I really really do try and leave it in the office). PM me your address and I'll dig out whatever I've got. May also be able to help with pre-prepared lessons, but will need to hunt around to find the right CD.
  5. Just pm'ed you. Am also doing this for a living.
  6. Just a quick word of thanks to all who've been kind enough to respond. I did a brief lecture to the Little Ones last night; despite the kit that legs-it around the local area, they're pretty much lost when it comes to ID'ing it. I'd like to do what I can to give them a helping hand, and they are keen to learn. I surprised a few of the staff as well, who thought that aviation is limited to Tornados. Still a bit short on Gazelle pictures - the ones that I've goot have too much of BAOR (and me) in them.

    Thanks once again.
  7. Mate, leave Gazelle alone, very soon they will be a rarity. Don't waste your effort on teaching the little darlings something that will very soon (in the main) be out of service.

  8. If you get in touch with your details will send you an Instructors Disc. Will also send some extra stuff that will help. Will need the list you intend to teach so can copy the pics to disc as well as a few videos.
  9. Disc in the post, all my own shots taken over the last year or so, all brit kit: merlin, Sea King, AH, Chinook, Lynx7&9 and of course a few mighty floppies for you. I can chuck loads of AFV stuff in if you want it.
  10. I have to disagree here. Gazelle may well be consigned to the history books. However, when that will occure is beyond your an my vision?
  11. This might be wortha look too...

  12. Not realy, wiki, is as credeable as my arrse.

    It can be a good starting point for research. But its ethos, where by anyone can contribute, is flawed.
  13. floppyjocky - thanks for the offer of AFV piccies, but I've got to stay within rough guidelines as per the Air Cadets training requirements. I'm tempted, naturally, but they're going to have enough trouble assimilating UK aircraft. When I start lobbing in kit from our 'allies' the fun will really start.

    As for the Gazelle, it's on the list. As is the Wessex, so I'm going to use DS discreation on that one. :lol:
  14. For those who asked I'll try and burn some copies of the CD this weekend.


  15. Posted today - sorry for the delay.

    Hope the CD is fit-for-purpose.