Aircraft parachute system.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by EX_STAB, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Under what set of circumstance would you need to deploy a parachute from a helicopter? Most of my flying (albeit some 20 years ago) was done at low level, and a good deal of it below 120 knots. Hardly suitable parameters. I would wager. In the event of a donk-stop, it'll autorotate nicely. Even in a Lynx. Ish.

    There is a light aircraft called the Cirrus which has a 'ballistic recovery system', which has been used in anger a couple of times. From what I can gather, the pilots had got into difficulties in cloud and used the parachute to get themselves out of situations for which they had insufficient training. In the event of an engine failure in a fixed-wing, it would glide. In the event of a fire, deploying a parachute is only going to prolong the agony.
  2. Fair one. How about a air bag? A big hovercraft style mattress, to crash down on. Filled with CO2, might even help put out fires.
  3. Just bear in mind that whatever you add to the airframe has to be subtracted from what you can lift, be it troops, nosh, Herfy etc.
  4. We'll just whack bigger blades on it :p

  5. .....need bigger engines then. And transmission.....oh and a bigger fuel tank then.......then a bigger fuselage because the tail will need to be farther back.... :wink:
  6. Coming back to light aircraft it does seem to make more sense to stay in the aircraft and land under one parachute rather than to all try to get out wearing individual ones. Probably weighs less too.
  7. I doubt if many light aircraft occupants wear parachutes, (unless they're planning to jump out) EX_STAB, so staying with the cab is their only option.
  8. It's a good idea for light aircraft but it is also an expensive and fairly hefty bit of kit. As cloud suggests, even on a light aircraft, the extra weight will have its own penalty plus the mods required to install the system doesnt suit every type.

    Anyway, I can't see the point to light aircraft? Bloody things.
  9. I suspect you're right. The only light aircraft I've ever flown in were Chipmunks and we always wore parachutes. I suppose that colours my opinion somewhat.
  10. Then it would be a man's helicopter and it would have to be handed to the RAF and Fleshy would only be allowed to press his nose against the window. From the outside.
  11. Only if it had no weapons fitted to it of course. We let the crabs drive the buses and allow Sgt pilots to fly aircraft with weapon systems. ;)
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    A lance-jack with a GPMG is NOT a weapons system :D
  13. Youre quite right.

    But this is. ;)

  14. OOOOOHHHHHHH pretty lights. Then again a real weapon system was a WE177 :) Mushrooms anyone?