Aircraft flying over my head

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mucus2, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. As I sit outside in Ciderville (have Perry's just up the way.) I see a lot of aircraft flying over head. Is there anyway to find out where they are going?
    Yes it maybe in the wrong place, if so, MODS please move.

    Please not, it's only idle curiosity, not any other other need.
  2. Are you on the meth outside Heathrow???
  3. No,

    He's on Bulmers.
  4. No, I'm on Perry's from Dowlish Wake.
    Anyway, what about these planes, any ideas to find out where they are going?

    I gave up the meths and milk strained through a tramps gusset a couple of months ago.
  5. What are you dribbling on about?? What planes are they??!

  6. Why don't you phone up the CAA if you're so interested?
  7. Possibly I'm not explaining myself. I'm outside, and I see aeroplanes, jetliner's, going over head. The idle bit of me wonders if there is anyway of finding out where they are going.
  8. Have you got a torch? How good at morse are you?
  9. To an airport is a pretty safe guess.
  10. Unless they're Air France
  11. If you feel so much of an anorak, there's a box with an aerial that when you set it up alongside the correct software on a computer will show you information on aircraft that are flying overhead.

    I ahem know this because I used to be quite into aircraft when I was younger. The box cost something like £200-300 if I remember. :oops:
  12. They're alot cheaper now and plug into your PC, if you mount the aerial on the roof you can track Civil aircraft from about 150 miles away, they give you the Flight number etc..

    Not that I, erm, someone just told me that, yeh? um...

  13. Why in gods fucking name would you want to know where aircraft are going? Sounds a bit like sitting by the side of the M1 and wondering where all the cars are going.
  14. In my defence....cider has been involved, I smoke outside and I'm nosey.

    I also grew up not a stones throw away from Heathrow if that makes a difference. :oops:
  15. Sorry they are all being nasty to you. What I usually do is just follow them, which can be fun if you can get the right Bus or even afford a Taxi.
    Try following them, it keeps you fit and makes a great night/day out