aircraft carriers

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Dunc0936, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. hopefully i light hearted topic here

    how big could you build an aircraft carrier??? Im no engineer but I know once it gets to a certain stage it may flex to much to land plans on it

    secondly what is the biggest aircraft to have ever landed on one??? I know about the B25's in WW2 but were there any other experiements

  2. Did you not see the one in Captain Scarlet? That was HUUUUGE.

  3. Wasn't that one in th eair though?
  4. Carried Aircraft though 8)
  5. The US managed to get a C130 to land and take off on one of their CVN's, but the flight deck was used up to do so.
  6. Captain Scarlet had the biggest Aircraft Carrier i know, only used small fighter-type birds, though.

    What about the Ice/Woodchip combo that was talked about for us in WW2, reckon that could have taken something with four engines?

    Duncan, your a walt, arn't you?
  7. a walt???
  8. I remember seeing a documentary about a plan to build a "world ship" that would constantly cruise the oceans, and therefore have a runway on top to land its passengers. The plan was vast, the bloody thing was going to have about 180 prop pods and be able to survive massive tidal waves etc.

    Bearing that in mind, i expect you could build an aircraft carrier as big as you wanted. Your limited by wanting to dock the bloody thing and cost. If you can catapult the planes you want with a runway a couple of hundred meters long, why build a ship a kilometre long?
  9. And the bigger it is the tougher it is to protect.

    Col White used to have some right bastid times keeping the Cloudbase Operational.

    Should I be putting asterixes in to protect Col Whites PERSEC? 8O
  10. What happened to the world ship?

    It was such a good idea, a vast cruise ship pootling around the oceans, with people living on it.
  11. This was on the History Channel last night!!

    Pykerete is the stuff (named after the scientist who "invented" it.)

    Had huge backing from Lord Mountbatten and was even backed by the Americans as late as 1942, but then got dropped to the back burner due to "conventional" boats doing the job cos the Americans had the wherewithal to build as many as were getting sunk.

    The good Lord even wounded the American Chief of Naval Operations at the said meeting whilst showing off the Bullet proof properties of Pykecrete using his personal Webley!!!

    Bloody interesting though!

  12. I think with modern engineering skills, lots could be built, slightly going back to my old thread about the need for a bomber, I had some interesting letters back from mp's. Dr liam fox, and one from the MOD, funny how they boh have differing views, will get them scanned on my pc ,and let people see some of them