Aircraft carrier on the Thames

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LostBoss, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. NoDuff.

    There's an aircraft carrier being tugged up the Thames backwards/aftward/arsewards whatever the fishheads call it.

    It's a half mile downstream of Greenwich.

    Will it be doing rides at the weekend to shore up the defence budget?
  2. Has the coup started?
  3. Soon to join up with the rest of the fleet (HMS Belffast)...
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

  5. damm you oracle, i was just about to grab me gun!
  6. Oracle isn't available at the moment - he says he is at stage 2 or something in the hole (he calls it a trench) in the front garden.

    Mrs Oracle.
  7. HMS ILLUSTRIOUS is twinned with the City of London and they were invited to provide an honour guard for the Lord Mayor's Show tomorrow and then join in the City's Remembrance events.
  8. bloody hell, i was worried at one point there, thought dubya had decided to bomb us due to his bad showing in the mid-terms this week!!
  9. I would pees myself if it run aground or got stuck...!!
  10. Does it have any planes on?
  11. I was worried that whale like it had got into distress and accidentally came swimming up the Thames looking for squid.

    I'd have to endure another fraught day as well meaning beardies tried to rescue it with blankets and a couple of inflatables.
  12. No planes but a couple of helo's.
  13. Bloody hell where are the Borg supposed to stand? There aint THAT much room outside the Mansion House...
  14. Not only a couple of Helis..... A lone Gurkha Piper playing for all he was worth.

    I've got a birds eye view phot taken this afternoon. I'll try and get it uploaded tonight.
  15. Its enough to make HMS Belfast envious!