Aircon for scimitars

Got this off the MOD website

Meanwhile the crews of Scimitar light tanks, who have been suffering from the summer heat in Helmand when the temperature in the driver's cockpit – just inches from the engine – can reach 70C, are getting some relief from the difficult conditions.

12 Brigade's Light Aid Detachment have fitted specially designed cooling equipment to the veteran vehicles. A system of tubes gives each crew member two air vents to do with as he chooses: probably putting one down his shirt and the other up a trouser leg. It sounds comical, but such spot cooling means soldiers are able to carry on with their jobs even in the hottest part of the day. Design, testing, manufacture and fitting of the new kit has taken just six months:

"It they're expecting cooling like in a Land Rover Discovery, they'll be disappointed," WO2 Paul Simpson explained. "But cooling by even ten or twelve degrees will make an instant difference

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