Airbus' first North American factory will be in Alabama

Taking the fight closer to Boeing I guess. Boeing is building the Dreamliner in nearby South Carolina. AL is one of the "right-to-work" states - so obvious wage/ benefit cost advantages as well as less headaches with unions etc. Also, the site they chose is right next to a big deep water port, has access to a big existing runway and has lots of greenfield space around. They will start of with building the A320 - they have plenty of customers for that in the U.S.

Mercedes, Honda and Hyundai have massive factories in AL as well, along with lots of other suppliers. And Mercedes is expanding their facilities big time, moving a few production lines from Germany to take advantage of the costs.

Should be interesting anyways - the refueling tankers were supposed to be build here too, before they lost the bid. I think the long term plan is obviously to look more "American" start getting some big orders from the Military, especially with the way things are in Europe.

Airbus to Build Planes in Alabama, Challenging Boeing - Bloomberg
It's all happening in South Carolina, BMW have built a state of the art factory there to build the new BMW X3 SUV.

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