Airbus A380 superjumbo as the next Air Force One?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Oct 26, 2007.

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    First Marine One now possibly Air Force One, historically a Boeing monopoly, being a European aircraft.

    As you can imagine the conservative blogs are apoplectic at the very thought!
  2. Depends. For a program this big it'll have to go through a load of places like the Congressional oversight committees and the big defence contractors are incredibly skilled at playing the political game. Doesn't matter what the military really wants, if you've got enough political pull you can force them to take another version.
  3. You would expect better in america
  4. Uh do you mean buying a better type of aircraft, a better system of government or a better class of right-wing whackjob in regards to Free Republic?
  5. Air Force one will be an Airbus on the same day that Satan goes to work on a snowplough.

    The real question is that the USAF is up to here and what program of theirs (which they actually want) is on the chopping block. They offer to bin the A380 idea in return for _________.
  6. I meant you would expect them to buy an american made product where possible in the same way I think the we should favour British made products where possible.
  7. What crabtastic said.
  8. Ah, personally I think we should buy the best piece of kit for job balanced against the price of the different options all things being equal. But that's what I get for generally being right-leaning, so I've been accused of, I suppose.

    Oh and Taz you made me click on/visit Free Republic? Ugh, now I feel dirty. Fucker.
  9. When spending public money price is not as relevant as a more expensive product made in the uk will be cheaper in real terms. With tax asuporting industry tax employment reduced benefit bill . I know because of they way public pecurement works this is not properly considered and the army will have X budeget no allowances made for tax back jobs in budget terms, but this is not the correct way the government should do it for the benefit of economy. Of course if a forgien made product is better and it would effect operation effectiveness then there would be a case for it.
  10. Can we give Gordon a Chipmunk?

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  11. Chipmunk? That's about right, because one of these would be a luxury!!!

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  12. To be fair though the government are promising to give us these little beauties for when the carriers (finally) come through.


    An excellent piece of kit. The torpedo means it's able to perform both anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) carrier based duties, note the mounted heavy machine gun which allows it to also fill the air superiority role as well, and as an added bonus since you can also drop the torpedo on ground targets as well plus if you roll the plane over enough the machine gun can also fire at ground targets it fulfills all our bombing/air strike and CAS needs as well. An absolute steal ladies and gents at only GB£57.2 million each from BAE Systems for the ultimate multirole aircraft. ;)
  13. 57.2 million? Alas - a bargain! Bugger the F35
  14. Ah, the Sopwith Camel, I used to work for the son of the guy who designed that baby! :)
  15. The Stringbag would be stealthy too.