Airbridge - Easy Target


Despite recent criticisms of the airbridge service, notably for departure delays, Mr Ainsworth said he was "enormously impressed" with the improvements that have take place at RAF Brize Norton over the last 12 months.

Clearly he didn't spend his time in Basra speaking to those whose R & R flight had been delayed by 2 days and who had spent 8 hours in Kuwait City (at 47C) without air-con watching a Tristar fail its pre-flight checks.

People are all too quick to criticise...

I wonder why?

Yet another pop at the AT fleet which is ageing and short of airframes, the jets are knackered and the engineers undermanned.

The fleet is badly in need of replacement now but hey lets just have a cheap pop at people who are working their backside off and getting nothing but flak .. :roll:

I got stuck at the end of an OOA tour for four days and that was 8 years ago .. it happens. Having worked in Air Operations I understand the frustration, but the Air Force just doesnt have the kit to run an effective airbridge which allows for aircraft unserviceabilities.
Funbags, I think the point MSR is making is that Mr Ainsworth is trying to satisfy himself that there is no problem with the lack of strategic air support. This means he can move onto satisfying himself that there is no problem with procurement, welfare etc etc

We also have to bear in mind that this is the "Team Defence" take on the event since it is in the public domain. I rather think (or at least hope!) that a very senior RAF bod with an enormous bristling walrus moustache will have taken him aside and given him the true picture of the challenges faced and the need for money and new equipment.

One can hope that people still value professionalism over gongs for toeing the party line!

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