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Airbourne Webbing


Book Reviewer
Seen this advertised, anyone know if it is worth it or any good? Why is this worth spending £100 as opposed to the free stuff we get given?
Check dragonsupplies.co.uk. They make their own form of airborne webbing and bergen and i'm reliably imformed it's quite poular with the 16 air assault highlanders.
No i'm an Air Cadet, but when I was working in Essex I visited Dragon Supplies to get some Lowas and they were advertising their own.
chrisg46 said:
Why is this worth spending £100 as opposed to the free stuff we get given?
If you need to ask the question, then you probably dont need the kit.
If your issue webbing niggles you in some small way that you can resolve by spending £100 on something you'll wear 1000+ times, then surely 10p a day is money well spent.
I can't comment on the build quality and personally I'd just use the PLCE issue stuff, but if you've got the money to throw at it, it looks good to me!


Book Reviewer
yater_spoon said:
just beause its lighter doesn't mean it will help you float better :D :D :D
har de har har :x :lol: :!:

Interesting point though..Anyone know of any webbing that has a life jacket built in? and one that DOESN'T automatically inflate after just a slight water immersion? :? :oops:

whats the link for jayjays?
Vaughany said:
www.WolfArmouries.co.uk do a purpose built version of the US SWAT chest rig that doubles up as a flotation device. It's in DPM too.
It's an airsoft site! Shouldn't it be WaltArmouries.co.uk?
Yes I know it's an airsoft sight, but trawl through the rubbish and you may just find what your looking for. Afterall isn't the South African assault vest proving popular with forces in Afghanistan and that is the airsofters favourite.

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