Airborne Webbing


I know that some of the 16AA guys took Airborne webbing to Afghanistan, I'm considering getting a set, but have a couple of questions.

a. Do the rear pouches have snowlocks under the topflap?
b. Was it actually any good?
c. Does the roll pin belt work its way loose while in use?

Look forward to some sensible replies.....



same as plce with a hippo pad and snap lock buckles on the pouches, alot of money for issued webbing, just looks ally!


My mate has this webbing, its very very good, and its very compfortable and doesnt bounce only thing to watch out for is size; there are two sizes, one with 4 rear water bottle pouches and one with just 3. Make sure that u get the one with jsut 3 if you have got a smallish waist because the one with 4 cannot be adjusted to a small waist.

The velcro fastenings on the ammo pouches is good and the role pin belt is sturdy the only problem with this webbing is the price and if some part of it breaks in the field you just have to put up with it as you cannot get a resup or exchange.



If you mean the dragon "airborne webbing", then I would stay well away. It may blook good and all, but it is pretty expensive, and i'm not sure on the quality. Probabaly better to go with the webbing made by troopers and jay jays. It looks almost identical, but the quality is far superior compared to dragon's from what i've heard. Also, dragon nicked the idea of webbing sewn onto a hip pad from troopers and jay jays, and named it "airborne webbing" just to make more people buy it.
get a mag-mor hippo pad... cant go far wrong with the issue plce imho. and it can look ally if you spend enough time packing it properly.


also important to remember than when your ally airbourne set gets ripped or damaged you QM is going to be able to exchange it!


War Hero
I will have a new sample of this type of webbing coming into my location within the next month, will update with pictures opnce I have them..... :)


i have used this webbing in the field it is comfy sturdy and over all a good fit as said before your qm cant exhange it but same goes for assalt vest that are personally bought . i bought it because i had the money it made life easyer good for carriage as said before webbing is crap for vechicals so if work entails that then your better off with a chest rig or assalt vest

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