Airborne Webbing?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Spr_Tony_23, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. As there are many available,

    Can anyone suggest the best one out there available,

    In regards to value for money, reliability etc

  2. Dragon Supplies Colchester

  3. Ive heard they dont last as long as some others though?
  4. Plus with a MOLLE platform the new issue pouches fit.
  5. Good idea that Molle mate Cheers.

    Would the pouches still need to bungee'd to each other, like issue, or not?

    Never used it before you see
  6. At least 7" of the pouch rear is hard attached to the belt.
    There will always be a wee bit of movement; this I think is better than most.
    Plus you can chop and change primary pouches but leave waterbottle and utility alone.
  7. Too expensive
  8. And comes apart to easy ,go with the molle as Boris suggests ,that way you can use all the pouches you get on ops back here in the UK when belt kits are the Norm .

    "More Waffely versitile "
  9. My set has lasted 6 years now ,the last two years of it's life has been gaying around with the cadets but the first 2 years of it's cycle was with proper use whilst still serving in the Infantry and I found it far better to the issue stuff I had been using previously.
    I have to be honest I am not convinced by the Molle kit.,it seems to be very good for attaching to compatible armour and plate carriers etc I am sure.
    But is it durable enough for belt kit ? I don't know as I haven't used it as belt kit but I suspect maybe not.

    As for expensive ? I think I paid about 125 sheckles for it back then so I would imagine it has gone up in price
  10. Jay jays do a MOLLE hip pad.

    Genuine Jayjays Ltd JayJays Hippo Pads

    Don't know if they do their own pouches with molle attachments to make a belt kit for in the UK. Can't see DPM molle pouches on the website but they might have them in the shop.
  11. Have a look at 1157 Tactical. All kit is hand made in UK by one person and can be specified in any configuration i.e. Inf, Medic etc

    I've owned a Troops rig and seen Dragon Supplies kit and in my mind this is as good if not better. The owner is a serving army equipment repairer and uses materials better than those mentioned and better than issue!

    He's also just started making Multicam kit... I've used his kit for years and had no issues. As I said the best thing is he will make all kit to suit exactly what you need.