Airborne versus non.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by sawdusty, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Trip Wire sorta brought this up in another thread. Rather than continue with it there, I thought I would ask it here. Are Airborne soldiers somehow "better" than non-Airborne soldiers?

    In my personal experience, I'd have to say no. Of course, I'm not Airborne. The closest I've come was service in the 101st (ironically :D ) Airborne Division, an "Air Assault" unit.

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  2. Sawdusty - is a soldier a soldeir and do not both have the same training?

    Airborne training doesn't make a man or a woman a better soldier, it gives them the capability of being air-dropped into, onto or near to the battlefield.

    Are they superior to the 'normal' infantryman - no, because that personal edge is up to each and every soldier to have in himself!
  3. Anyone who would jump out of an aircraft is a different, more motivated perhaps, more confident than the average troop. If there is a tough job to do it falls to the Paras. If its really hopeless the Marines are sent in.
  4. Marines, from both nations, are often considered to be somewhat elite. Yet the lack of Airborne training or status doesn't seem to matter. :?
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