Airborne V Highlander Army Strong Man comp

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by knockknee, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. I ran this via moderator Woopert first. If the event gets off the ground this year and it is public then I can announce details on Arsse threads.

    My nephew is a sgt in APTC. He is trying to organise a strong man comp between the Infantry Regt he is attached to .. against a Para mob

    At the moment it is looking like deployment pressures mean neither regt can guarantee to field a team.

    This may sound fair enough on the face of it. Just another reflection of the overstretch on our Army.

    But it is also symptomatic of the Army getting left behind by World standards in sports science. Possible beneficial application to PTSD treatments etc. (Esp MMA breathing techniques and the effect on brain chemistry in PTSD ,,, first sussed by an RAMC Officer attached RFC WW1 and then not backed by the govt after WW1 .... plus ce change) The USA now recommends weightlifting at all stages of COPD and for diabetics.

    The nephew's passing out parade to APTC at Fox Barracks was ruddy impressive. First APTC course to run a foundational degree in sports science as part of the sgt instructor course. But for every promising step forward, overstretch and lack of political backing seem to prevent the first pragmatic steps towards application.

    My nephew says he is training a wee Jock fully battle fit (stamina) who can bench press over 180 Kg. Plus I think his Jocks recently cleaned up in an Army boxing contest ... Apparently they told his mum "It is easy as long as we imagine we are fighting the English. But your boy and your family are honorary Jocks".

    When she phoned her sister (my wife) she said "It is like when he was with the Ghurkas. Puts yer mind more at rest to see who he is with. Those Jocks are good boys." But it lloks like they won't be weightlifting, landrover pulling and caber tossing against the paras after all ....
  2. Shame it's not going to happen; sounds like it would have been a good crack. :roll:

    A Bench of over 180k(400lb)? Respect! :D
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    "I WAS pleased to read about 3 Para’s success in the Army boxing championships in the last issue.
    However, to spare our blushes when we meet past opponents in the future, I’d like to clarify a few points. The battalion have now won the title four times (in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009). We didn’t enter in 2006 or 2008 due to operational commitments. This year 3 Para beat 13 Air Assault Support Regt RLC 7-2 in the quarter-finals, 2 Light Support Regt RLC 9-0 in the semi-finals, and 2 Lancs 5-4 in the final. – Capt Ian McLeish, 3 Para"

    From the recent soldier magazine. I am not sure what they cleaned up at, but it wasn't the Army boxing championships!
  4. TBF, he said Army boxing CONTEST, not championship.

    And half the Paras are Haggis-Shaggers anyway! :D
  5. Pardon
  6. Para Regt also haven't any commitments until we start pre-deployment training in early 2010. As Duke pointed out. Not sure what the Jocks cleaned up at in the boxing champs. Must have been cleaning up the litter after 3 PARA won it again.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Which is more than most Jock Bns are - The Royal Regiment of Fiji would field a strong team though, and it would be a good competition.
  8. I could have said "half the Paras are from God's Chosen Country". But I did not wish to be arrogant. :D :wink:
  9. Fair one. :)
  10. My nephew at 6 foot 4 and just under 18 stones is at a long limb disadvantage in bench and squat. But he is around 250 Kg squat and 160 kg bench. I think his deadlift exceeds his squat. It impresses me that they are doing this as well as maintaining the stamina and endurance capacity.

    What interests me is the breathing science which may be at the first signs of being explored.

    An RAMC doctor attached RFC in WW1 used two breath hold tests. Inhaled breath and exhaled breath hold times. As pilots became closer to breaking point the breath hold times significantly reduced. And the doc pulled them out to avoid what is now called PTSD and was then called burn out in officers and lacking moral fibre in ORs.

    You are into martial arts. MMA Sambo wrestling from Russia ? Soviet SF learning the groundwork breathing techniques. To stop the development of chronic hyperventilation syndrome that shifts body PH and affects everything including brain chemistry.

    Aerobic exercise has had years of scientific findings filtering down a body of good practice to the coach level ? Except they coach overbreathing. Some UK endurance athletes are attending Buteyko breathing courses (Russian lung illness physio) to learn to breathe LESS to improve performance.

    Strength training has not had the years of research building a body of beneficial good practice at coach level.

    That is my opinion. I think the Army is getting left behidn by world standards. May only be a strong man comp. But could be food for thought.

    My nephew when a regimental PTI was a PTI to 2 Para who gave him his best ref for APTC selection. Other previous units were wary of his aggression but he matured and only the other day was telling two Jock Regimental PTIs they cannot expect APTC selection if they carry on getting into fights all the time.

    I nigh choked laughing. Pots and kettles.
  11. To be honest, at my level(beginner)I was not aware of specific breathing techniques for MMA. I do recall however that, on the few occassions I have rolled with Rick, his breathing never speeds up, even while throwing me around like a rag doll.

    I agree that developing the strength required to Bench, Squat very heavy weights AND keep cardiovascular fitness at a high standard is very impressive. It is relatively easy - for a given value of "easy" - to develop either strength or stamina if you only concentrate on one at a time. Much more difficult to achieve above average levels of both.