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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by fingers_1661, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. Can the mods please channel these into a single thread (or a seperate forum)?
  2. In the same way the regiments have "Look at Life" wekends, the rest of the Army should fund a "Potential Parachutist's" course, which consists of all the people that ask dumb questions about "going para" being sent to a mock-up naafi in Colchester for a weekend, where they can experience getting temporary airborne tattoos, getting naked and stapling one another's foreskins to the bar. At the end of the course, they all get a going-home bag including a plastic para helmet and a light-maroon t-shirt. Hopefully they'll be gratified enough to either sign up or pi$$ off, in either case never bothering anyone else again.
  3. Yes, i believe us Paras should have a separate 'elite' forum!!! :roll:

  4. Why? should we merge all the anti-tank discussions and all the sniper discussions, too? They are interesting from a certain point of view... alternatively more non-para types could be a bit sparky and start threads of their own demonstrating some pride in their own branch of the infantry... just a thought.
  5. Seems to me that fingers failed P Coy??
  6. When was the last time anyone parachuted anyway?

    Just leave it like it is.
  7. I failed too.... can we start a club?

    I really don't understand all this anti-para rubbish?

    OK, some of them do lord it up occasionally and they do like like to stick together in the brotherhood BUT they don't all think that everyone else are useless hats.

    And believe it or not alot of them are some of the most modest people you'll ever meet.

    Just do your job, do it well, and take pride in the results.... BE THE BEST :eek:
  8. Deleted for being bone.

    Please don't post stuff like this anymore.

  9. Thank you for your valuable opening contribution. I assume you were looking for a bite? Oh, okay then. Learn to type NAAFI: it might give a degree of vermilissitude to your Airborne credentials.
  10. NAAFI = North African Agency For Idiots
  11. Please, FFS, read the forum policy before embarking on yet another 'Paras / everyone else' thread which will be edited.

    Play nicely in the sand-pit or take it to the NAAFI / chat if you want to sling pointless insults. That goes for both sides of the argument.

    As for merging topics, yep there are two the same at the mo, unfortunately merging facility is not working properly at the mo.

  12. Why not simply delete them? They are turning into mudslinging matches and have very little information in them?
  13. Then you may aswell delete the entire Signals Forum :D

  14. The wording of my initial post was written with this in mind. Too many posts are slipping off the 1st page (therefore missing their intended audience) because of mong posts. Reaction to date suggests my proposal for a seperate forum may be the answer.
  15. Yep, no argument at all with your initial post, as I have said, once the system is working again, I will have a look. Outside of that, it behoves posters just to have a quick check on non-first page topics, which have been posted over the last 3 plus years, prior to kicking off yet another same old thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.