Airborne T.A units?

Just a quick one.. Places for Airbourne Qualification at my current unit are fairly easy to get hold of, unfortunately I am soon to be transfering prior to getting an opportunity to get on the course.

I was wondering if any one could recommend a T.A unit within 45miles of Southampton/Chichester that they know of where I may be given the opportunity to do PCOY or equivalent course? (Examples: C (144) Parachute Medical Squadron (V) etc..)

Is Bristol any good for you?

266 (Para) Bty RA (V)

PM me if you want details......or look 'em up on the ArmyNet.

4 Para unit at Croydon tel 02086888780 or if you want to stay SF there's 21 @ Basingstoke tel 01256880113.
How are thngs down at Thorney these days? Are the dicks on the checkpoint still total cnuts
266 is a good option in Bristol, how about London? 266 have a satelite unit former 289bty in East Ham?? might be Romford..

What happended to 10 Para, I thought they still retained a company at White City.

There is also 21 if you fancy a real challenge....

Other option is RMR.. some have a Para role?? I believe
Thank for your swift replies.. and yes the regs on the gates are still a bloody nightmare....I might look into the Para unit in Croydon as that isnt to far.. and I spent a bit of time with the lads at 10Para in White City and got on quite well. 21 could be an option and probably the obvious choice for me However, I would definately need to work on my Fizz... and to be honest I've had enough of Hills..

Romford is a bit to far and RMR isnt really my bag, allthough I could look into a Sigs attachment I suppose?

Thanks again for your feedback.. any other suggestions greatly welcome.
go with C 144 PFA, Do PCoy, get your wings and the trade pay helps aswell. good luck with your fizz but your never escape those hills.

I dont think 289 are in East Ham anymore. a good second choice is of course 10 para.

Welcome to the airbourne brotherhood and YES, GOD is Airbourne.
Sorry mate, your right of course (AIRBORNE) its been a long day and being "fick" doesnt help. ha ha ha
No worries, it just confuses me!

I imagine Basingstoke is your closest airborne unit, and no doubt coming from 63 sigs you will know what goes on there. It looks like Southampton is on a direct route from Bristol and from London so the units in South London will be as close (far) as Bristol.

As far as Pcoy goes, Brizzle and Croydon probably your closest.
Addendum here.......little men in green suits are about to make Bristol slightly more challenging by changing 266 (Para) Bty to 266 (Cdo) Bty......dunno if that sways your choices....

289 are in Romford BTW.....moved from East Ham a while back...
Sorry, my fault for starting the thread "Airbourne" when it is as you correctly point out "Airborne"..... hey what would I know???

Thanks again for all the feedback, its just such a shame that most of the "non specialist" units are so bloody far away from where I live, I am getting more and more tempted into wanderng up the M4... its just the Fizz...oohh the pain, not again!!!
Edited to save further embarrassment ;)

Oh dear NO, NOT THE M4, you know where that leads ??????

WALES ! full of hills as you prob know, still it will sort your "fizz"

the trouble is getting out again afterwards !
Yeah, I heard this too but Im just not really into the whole Commando bit... probably due to the fact that my old man was a pain in the rear Staffie with 42, I went Para just to Pi£% him off!!
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