Airborne Surveillance Of British Energy Wasting Households

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, May 10, 2007.

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  1. EVERY home in the borough has been photographed from a "spy plane" - to help Haringey Council wage a war against householders wasting energy.

    The council has compiled a "heat map" which can identify how much energy is escaping from each property.

    "Spies in the sky"
    3 May 2007

    The airplane carries infrared thermal imaging equipment.
  2. LOL! How much was spent on fuel, maintenance, and pilot's wages to conduct this survey eh?
  3. A tinfoil hat is one thing - but how the feck do I cover a whole house? Do I start on the roof or what? :?
  4. Apart from global warming being a load of bollix, I think its ironic that according to these idiots, flying does the most harm by dumping the polution high into the atmosphere and yet they used this method to survey houses being least enery efficient and therefore less 'green' ?

    Is there no end to this sh!t ? Who possibly thought that this was a good idea ?
  5. This is thermal signatures map, presumably.

    The aircraft's own contribution must be the equivalent of a good many households.

    Waste of tax/ratepayers' money, IMHO.
  6. I assume they will make themselves beyond reproach first, by ensuring that every Council House, Council building and Government building is energy efficient.

    They wouldn't be that hypocritical would they?
  7. Another trendy leftie London borough council putting headline catching before problem solving. One of the poorest boroughs, so spend money finding out who's houses are badly insulated then no doubt try to penalise those that are (of course only those that are privately owned, not council run / owned hovels)

    Rant over, carry on.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Not certain how you start, but with the shiney side in, it should make quite good insulation!!
  9. Idiots.

    They should follow a more positive example.

    One or two local authorities have established local combined heat and power generators, which are highly efficient as the normally-wasted heat energy is piped into buildings. Moreover, as these generators are local, the normal inefficiency of two-thirds wasted electricity is cut back. Yes, that's two thirds of the sparky stuff urinated away before it even gets near your plug socket. Over in Europe these schemes are fairly common, often using renewable fuels, some even pipe the CO2 into greenhouses for plants to suck this in and pump out oxygen.

    As long as the National Grid is wasting energy in the ridiculous way it does, lectures from local and central government are meaningless.
  10. Comprehenive aerial thermal imaging is also useful for police to identify cannabis grow-ops which use large quantities of HID lamps. These grow-ops are fairly prevalent in London so it's not an entirely pointless excercise.
  11. brilliant for means no ones home? :roll:

    ..course they could just be doing what North Wales police did for a few years...finding cannabis farms by heat sig? :?
  12. did't see this :oops:
  13. This is the borough I grew up in. Haven't lived there for a while, but I can tell you that they are the most ineffective, yet virulently old Labour/Militant shower of cvnts you are likely to come across. Did I say Cvnts? What I meant to say was CVNTS!
  14. If they want to hammer people for their carbon footprints, they should start on big business - the most wasteful bunch of cnuts going. I work in a company that's supposed to be trailblazing ahead and setting an example. They set this example by leaving every conceivable machine, aircon, light, computer - anything that uses power - on 24/7 and bleat like fcuk whenever I turn anything off - like halogen spots... during broad daylight... on a sunny day. Fcuking mongs! 8 year old school kids have a better angle on power conservation.

    SAVE IT!