Airborne Stalwart

I once tried to swop an Opel Manta and a dwarf for one at Shepards in Leominster. They were happy to take the Manta but refused the dwarf (revolting little dog-buggerer that he was) so the deal fell through. In retrospect should have done the deal, could always have wrapped the dwarf in chain and dropped it in a river
If I tried that in the 2 I looked after both would have sunk, all the seals were perished and they wouldn't allow you to swim them anymore. Nice to see one actually working, there used to be loads of them on a farm at the back of RAF Lakenheath just rotting away.
I used to love Stollies! I only got a cabby in one once, when a REME bod on a POL run on Soltau pulled our knackered Ambo Landy out of some hoooj muddy ruts on a rigid tow and back to our base. He said, and I take his word for it, even now, that the Stolly should have been fitted with proper limited-slip diffs from the get-go.

One thing I've always wondered about Stollies is: where the fück is the radiator or equivalent engine-cooling system? Not a wah, but a genuine question.

The engine and gearbox were/are below the floor plates, the radiator is funnelled up the louvres at the back and exhausted upwards(great for drying wet kit). They were petrol driven as well and economy was not brilliant at 1lt per mile. However will go almost anywhere I looked after 2 when I was at 5 Sqn in Iserlohn and trying to keep them from going VOR was a constant nightmare, same with a lot of kit it suffered from not being used enough rather than over use.

I managed to belly out one when carrying a full POL load on Soltau had to get a Frog to come and pull us out got severely crated for that one.
Brings back memories of Hildeshiem & the Weser, great Fun if looked after properly, very useful for heating your breakfast on the exhaust, we used to tie bacon rolls in bacofoil with wire to said exhaust, lovely.!
A pain in the backside when they broke down and you had to empty the cargo bay to get at the engine. (Ours were always used to carry pack fuel. about 100 jerry cans.)
Been there. Done that. Although never got airbourne. Good solid go anywhere bit of kit was the stallie
scoobydont said:
Who designed the gear box, it had a strange around the gate gear shift from 4 to 5 if I remember rightly.
I can't bloody remember, the engine was Rolls Royce and when running properly just purred lovely. I still can't believe they sacked them for those Bedford Tin Machines, all they had to do was put a decent diesel in it and slipped diffs and it would be fine. Trying to prevent transmission wind up was always a laugh.
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