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I'm starting phase 1 in the new year to join the RMP.
One aspect I'm very interested in is the opportunity to do P-Coy and serve with an airborne unit ( I am led to believe that 156 Pro Coy is the only one at present but please correct me if I'm wrong).

Does anyone know what the opportunities are like for such an ambition? Also Is it best to register my interest early on, or is it like the civvy police where you have to do two years beat before going on to something a bit more 'warry' ?

All my AFCO are able to tell me is that it's possible, but seem to have no idea how it all works. Can anyone shed any light on this in terms of personal experiences/knowing the system inside out in an anoracky fashion?

I know there's a few on here who seem to have a strong disliking for all things monkey related. Now I dont object to a bit of banter, in fact I quite enjoy it, but please please try not to post 192 replies with only 2 or 3 coming anywhere close to the question! (a la ; )

Yes - 156 Pro Coy are the AB Pro asset for 16 AA Bde.

Yes - you can apply to join 156 Pro Coy direct from Ph 2.

What you want to do is join 1 Pl in that Coy - as the AB roled Pl within 156 Pro Coy.

You will have to be taken on strength by 156 Pro Coy then apply from there. It is technically possible to do P Coy in another unit or sub-unit, but certain budgetary constraints conspire to make it actually rather difficult in practice. It was not always so...

After a bit of time served, you may also apply for the All Arms Commando Course and join the RM Police Troop, who run an exchange system with the RMP. I believe the held subs rank is Cpl and they swap 4 x Cpls each. The RM Police Troop is commanded by an RMP Captain.


Cheers Darth, I'll get on to it whilst in the midst of Ph 2, just need to keep working on my run times and I'll be there!

Knocked a minute and a half off in the last three months, 40 secs to go and I'll hit the standard.

How do 156 Pro Coy deploy, say in an Op situation? Would they be attatched to a Bde or operate independently as I've heard a lot of references to Provost Coys being attatched to say, a Guard Bde?

edited for crap spelling, but still can't spell 'attatched', just doesnt look right
Well 1 Pl deploy with whoever the Bde Comd wants them to deploy with. However, they aren't exactly the first ones up the green ramp, if you see what I mean.

5 Pl are the non-airborne bit - they deploy in slower time via helos or whatever. However, both Pls engage in pretty much the same sort of tasks - lines of communication security, route marking, manning CPs etc etc.

6 Pl are Colchester Garrison's infrastructure policing tasks Pl - they do all the house calls, briefings etc etc. Although all the Pls 'chip in' with duties, 6 Pl would normally stay behind when the Bde deploy on Ops to maintain provision of essential policing tasks. Every Pro Coy has a Pl that fills this function.

In short, it's a good mob with someone for everyone.

Good luck. If you want to know anything else, please PM me; otherwise 'good luck'! :D

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